Thursday, 24 November 2022

The Man I Never Met by Elle Cook


Two lives are about to be changed by one phone call...

When Davey misdials Hannah's number, at first they think nothing of it.

After all, Davey lives in Texas and Hannah lives in London.

But when Davey gets a job in London, their paths are sure to cross. As messaging turns to video calling, this feels like the start of something.

Weeks later, Hannah is waiting for Davey at the airport, but he never walks into Arrivals.

When Hannah finds out why, her world is turned on its head. And with their future so uncertain, each must pick up the pieces of their lives.

Will fate intervene once more to bring them together? Or will Davey always be the man that Hannah never met?

Intrigued by the title The Man I Never Met by Elle Cook, I read the synopsis to see what the book was about and I loved the sound of what was hidden between these pages and wasted no time getting stuck in.

I am sure its safe to say we have all at some point in our lives received a wrong number call but I am yet to stay in touch with any of my wrong callers unlike our main characters Hannah and Davey. Safe to say fate played a big part in this pairs connection when Davey called Hannah in error and before long, they soon find out that there is a bizarrely strong connection between them. Ready to take things to the next step they are ready to finally meet but things go horribly wrong.

I was captivated by what started out as a real farfetched storyline but that soon pulled me in and had me so invested in both Hannah and Davey I was desperate for fate to intervene again and set them on the right path. At times the novel was touching in particular with Davey’s battles but the author still managed to keep an uplifting feel to the storyline at other points especially when George was around I was on the defensive and had my guard up as I took an instant dislike to him.

As well as romance there are also a number of strong supportive friendships in this book and they really play a great part in this book on both sides being there for Hannah and Davey to offer support and at times some honest home truths too.

I had only three chapters remaining before going to bed but I couldn’t bare to leave the characters so soon so I saved them to enjoy the following day and all I can say is what a perfectly tied up ending to end a wonderful enjoyable storyline.

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