Saturday, 26 November 2022

A White Christmas on Winter Street by Sue Moorcroft


When Sky Terran returns to the village of Middledip after losing the job she loves, she anticipates a quiet Christmas getting used to her new life. However, the annual street decoration competition is coming up and this year, the residents of Winter Street are determined to win.

As she is pulled into the preparations, Sky quickly grows to love the quirky, tight-knit community she is now part of. Including the extremely handsome Daz, who soon becomes more than just a friendly neighbour.

But when Daz’s ex turns up determined to win him back and it seems he might not be the man Sky thought he was, she remembers how much allowing people into her life – and heart – can hurt. As the snow falls, will she and Daz find a way through – and help win a Christmas victory for Winter Street?

A White Christmas on Winter Street by Sue Moorcroft is my last Christmas book of 2022 and it has tied my festive reading off perfectly.

This novel is a standalone although previous novels by this author have also been set in this picture postcard village of Middledip, on our return we now meet Sky whose career as a property developer has taken a swift unexpected turn and she finds herself back in her childhood village after purchasing a home she is desperate to renovate herself.

There is a vast amount of supporting characters whose storylines are weaved around Sky’s to bring all the characters together and to help and support each other as we typically see in a village with its welcome ( and sometimes unwelcome ) community spirit. There is a blossoming romance that faces some bumps along the road but it made it feel a more genuine relationship that has its battles to face as two people really get to know each other. We have the sweet natured Wilf too who is a key character who is facing a big change in his family dynamic but having Sky and Daz to help him with various distractions was just what he needed.

There were a number of challenging situations that the author has tackled in this novel and she has done this with such care but at the same time has shown honest and true reactions to each situation rather than making everything rosy.

There is a wonderful Christmas feel with the book being set on the lead up to Christmas and over the festive period too so we had the perfect back drop with a snowy setting and Christmas decorating as well as a Christmas pulled together so nobody was alone.

A White Christmas on Winter Street is a definite recommendation from me if you are looking for a full on Christmas feel good read that tackles real life situation and struggles too.

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