Monday, 2 July 2012

July Releases

It's that time again first day of the month and here are the books you have to look forward to this month!

Paperback               Kindle                      Kindle                    Paperback             Kindle

Paperback              Kindle                     Hardback               Kindle                        Paperback

Kindle                     Paperback              Kindle                      Kindle                  Paperback

Paperback                 Kindle                   Kindle                   Paperback

So Which one's will you be enjoying? I have read Carrie Duffy's Diva and loved it I would say it was actually better than Idol! I am looking forward to Don't You Forget About Me.....


  1. Kirsty's 'Yours Truly' looks interesting Rea x

  2. It was next on my TBR pile but my kindle has died :-( xx

  3. I'm looking forward to read Diva, The Au Pair and Bond Girl! Reading The Out of Office Girl now :) xx



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