Sunday, 29 May 2011

The Difference A Day Makes by Carole Matthews

I have recently read a number of Carole Mathew's books which I have thoroughly enjoyed. The latest one I have found is The Difference a Day Makes.


We meet hardworking business couple Amy and William. They have a very busy life working in T.V and have the perfect nanny who looks after their children. Life couldn't be any better for this city couple until one day on the way to work together Will collapses on the train. This event makes Will assess his life and decides to up root his family to start a fresh with their lives in the country.
The problem is this is Williams dream and both Amy and the children are finding it hard to adapt. When things feel as if they couldn't get any worse for Amy when she goes to wake Will in the garden she realises her husband has died. Question is now does Amy and the children manage to carry on living Williams dream with the help of the local vet Guy or do they just pack up and go back to their old life?

This is going to be a first for me but I have to say I loved each and every individual character in this book. Unfortunately due to Will passing away early on in the book we didn't get to enjoy his character for long. We find that we just want to reach out to our main character Amy and just let her know that everything will be ok! My favourite character in this book has to be the local vet Guy who does all he can to help Amy after Will sadly passes away. His character is just so loving and caring we all need a Guy in our lives!

***My Opinion***
This storyline has everything thrown into it. A large part was emotional due to the loss of William but there was also a romance element, and some humour when it come to the antics that the dog had been up to! There is just a generally warm feel to this book. I was addicted to this book and actually finished it in under a day. I just couldn't wait to see what happens next. We as the reader just want to see what Amy is doing to help build their lives back after this tragedy and is she going to make the right decision. In no part of this book could you say that it was predictable, even down to the last chapter you could not anticipate what was going to happen which I feel was the reason the reader is kept hooked the whole way through this book. It does help that the chapters in this book are not long either so if you were going to read the book over a few days you are able to just read a chapter here and there as most chapters were only 3-4 pages long.

All Carole Mathews fans would love this book as it is as good as her other books I have read. It has got more of the country theme to this book which I haven't read a Carole Mathews book which has been based in the country. I cannot find any bad points to this book it was enjoyable from beginning to end.

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