Sunday, 29 May 2011

It's Now or Never by Carole Matthews

I am gradually working my way through all the Carole Matthews books. I have enjoyed all of her books so far and so I decided to read It's Now Or Never, I was pretty sure I would enjoy it if it was as good as the previous books of hers which I had read! The front cover is very much the style of her previous books so it is easy to spot on the shelf.

The plot:
Twins Annie and Lauren are our main characters in this book. The book begins with Annie and Lauren at their elder sister Chelsea's 40th Birthday Party. The women look around them and compare their lives to the glamorous life of their elder sister. The women wonder why their lives are so different to their sisters and decides that it is time that they make changes to their lives.

Annie decides that she is going to make her life more adventurous and decides to start by going away to Peru on a charity hike, but as she begins training it is clear that her husband Greg doesn't like this new change in his wife, will Annie give up her new dream to please her husband?

Lauren however is sure what she wants and tells her boyfriend he has to make the choice now it is either her or his wife! Will he leave his wife like he has always said he would or will Lauren make different changes to her life?

Annie and Lauren are our main two characters. I did find it took me nearly half of the book to work out which woman was Annie and which woman was Lauren so it did feel like real life when it came to the win situation! Both of the women's characters were both warm in their own ways, although they are twins their personalities are completely different.

Greg who is Annie's husband took a few chapters to warm to but then you started to like his character he was just a man who is scared of change. I wish I could say the same for Laurens boyfriend but from the start I didn't like him at all.

Overall Opinion:

Yes!! Carole has done it again!! Another well enjoyed book. It is ideal for a quick read or a holiday read. Each chapter alternated between Annie and Lauren so it was like reading to separate books which come together in many places. Carole Matthews has a way of writing her book and making the stories feel very genuine and real and she brings this across in great detail so I can only assume a lot of what she writes is based on personal experience or experiences of her friends.

The only part of the book I can give a little negative feedback on is the fact that I was constantly getting the women muddled up until about half way through the book, but other than this the book has got a big thumbs up from me. I like that although there is a serious storyline going on with the two women there are also many funny parts of the book which helps to make it an enjoyable read. I would defiantly recommend this book to anyone who enjoys easy chick-lit books.
Happy Reading!!!

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