Sunday, 8 May 2011

Johnny Be Good by Paige Toon

Paige Toon is a recently new author to me. I came across one of her books Chasing Daisy last week which I thoroughly enjoyed so when I stumbled across Johnny Be Good by Paige Toon I could walk past it. I started this book last night in bed and finished it off today whilst I was in hospital having my treatment. It was that good that a few times the nurses spoke to me and I was so engrossed I didn't answer! This is Paige Toon's second book.

Meg Stiles is given the opportunity of a life time when she is offered a job to become a PA for a big rock star thing is she has to leave her life in England behind her and live in LA.
When she arrives in LA it is quite obvious her life is going to be somewhat different now. She finds herself at showbiz parties and top class gigs, could she be any further away from her old life back in England. Things are not as glamorous as it seems though as Meg finds herself falling for her boss the well known drug, drink and woman lover, Johnny Jefferson. Are his feelings the same as Megs and if not can she make him fall in love with her?

I enjoyed this book. I felt like it was on the same level as Chasing Daisy. Again with this book you warm instantly to the main character, Meg who is warm and caring and down to earth she feels like your typical girl next door. Johnny Jefferson's character is like a rollercoaster, one minute her is a typical selfish, bigheaded celebrity which made you dislike him especially the way he treats Meg and his friend Christian when he is like this, then the next minute his character seems to soften and come down to our level and you start to warm to him and feel a little sorry for him in parts but this is short lived!
There are many characters in this book but I do not find that this got confusing at any point. I also found that the chapters in this book are short which is a great help when you have only got time to read a few pages you can leave it at the end of a chapter.

The only thing I personally didn't like about this book is that the ending leaves us as the reader on a cliff hanger, we don't know what actually what the true outcome is and I do not like this in a book unless there is another book to come but I have heard nothing about a follow up book to this one. This book would have easily got a 5 star from me had the ending been tied up nicely but now I am left wondering what really happens!

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  1. The sequel to this book, "Baby Be Mine" is being released next month! It's being published 3 years after "Johnny Be Good!"