Sunday, 15 May 2011

Moonshine by Christina Jones

Christina Jones is the author of Hubble Bubble, Heaven Sent, Happy Birthday, Seeing Stars, and Love Potions.
Her books are based on different stories on the village folk in and around the villages of Bagley-cum-Russet and Hazy Hassocks. Each of the Characters in her book interlink into the next book but you do not need to read the books in any kind of order as the books are fresh new stories are not a continuing book.

I am a huge fan of Christina Jones books she has a way of writing that takes you into her magical little village and allows you to feel as though you are part of the towns folk. I have found with all of her books that they flow nicely and have no low parts of the books. Each of her books I have read in a day as it is so hard once you are wrapped up in the village world to put the book down.

When I was shopping in WHsmiths the other day I saw Christina Jones Moonshine which has recently been released and I did not hesitate to purchase it. Once I brought my book home my partner asked if he could go down the pub and I was over the moon as I knew I would have a chance to read my book in peace!!!

Moonshine opens with the main character Cleo Moon who has found herself newly single and unemployed. She moves into her new home, a caravan, and sets about getting work. She has an interview with Mimi Pashley-Royle to become her PA but it is known in the village that anyone who has ever become Mimi Pashley-Royle's PA becomes her slave driver as well!
Cleo gets the job and is informed that she will be taking care of the traditional Harvest Home party which has always been held at Mimi's and the village folk all come and bring home made food with them. It is down to Cleo to organise the whole party but also she has to bring her own home made contribution.

Whilst Cleo is at home thinking about what she could contribute to the party an incident happens which introduces her to Dylan who is a drop dead gorgeous guy who has a reputation for the ladies. They become friends but Cleo finds it hard to keep hidden her feelings for him.

Cleo finds some recipe books hidden at the caravan which belonged to the previous owner of the caravan. The recipes where for different kinds of wine which Cleo decided to attempt to make for the Harvest home. The only problem was there was some strange ingredients she hadn't heard of so with Dylans knowledge of the added ingredients they start to work on the wine making, but how will the wine turn out?

There are no predictable parts to this book the twists and turns are endless and you are genuinely shocked when some parts of the book are revelled as there was no hint that these events were going to happen. In my opinion Christina Jones has a wonderful way of writing about each character giving enough information on each character so you feel as if they are someone you actually know.

Overall I thoroughly enjoyed Moonshine as much as I did with the other books by Christina Jones. I can not wait for her next book to come out. I would highly recommend this book to anyone. At the end of this book ther is also a snipet of her previous book Happy Birthday for you to read.

If you are interested in this collection of books go to and you can read the first chapter of all of her books. Just see how wonderful her books are from the first chapter they will have you hooked.

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