Sunday, 8 May 2011

A Perfect Proposal By Katie Fforde

I have recently found myself reading many of Katie Fforde books. She seems to have a easy style of writing which manages to keep your gripped. In Whsmiths at the moment you will find one of her more recent books Perfect Proposal and at the moment it is on offer for £3.99.

Sophie Apperly is the black sheep of her family, where her family are all very academic Sophie is better creatively. Her family take her for granted and soon pack her off to look after her rich uncle, which is where Sophie's journey in the story begins. While she is at Uncle Eric's she starts clearing out old letters only to find that he and some other family members have drilling rights which if they all pull together could be worth some money only thing is the member of the family who she believes has the remaining drilling rights is over in New York. It is while she is in New York on this quest that she befriends a rich elderly lady Matilda, the problem is her grandson Luke is not quite as and welcoming as Matilda. He is suspicious of Sophie he doesn't trust her when it comes to his grandma and his suspicions are only made worse when Sophie agrees to help find the old Cornish house that Matilda stayed in when she was younger back in England. Sophie is joined in England by Luke to help look for the house and to keep an eye on Sophie. Is Luke only interested in Sophie's actions when they involve his grandma or could there be more than meets the eye?

*My Opinion*
I have yet to read a book by Katie Fforde which I haven't enjoyed. What I found made this book different from the previous books which Katie Fforde has wrote is that half of the book is based in New York where as all of the books I have read of hers have all been based in the country all the way through. It was still a gripping book but you truly felt at home when she brings her characters back to the country it is in my opinion where her writing is the best. It was an easy read that had you gripped from the first chapter. There were just enough characters in this book without it getting confusing as to who is who. I loved the fact that there was a suspense factor to the story as right up until the last chapter you didn't know which way the story was going to go. Judging by the title I did think it was going to be a full on romatic book but I didn't find this the case. There was a romantic element to the book but there was so much more to the story than that. I found the book paced on evenly without having any low points to the book and I didn't feel at any point as if the boo was being rushed.

I loved our main character Sophie was she was a very down to earth girl who many people will relate to. From the beginning of this book you instantly warm to her character. It dad take me a while to get Luke's character he seemed very stand offish the first few chapters that we meet him but after a while you release it is only because he cares so strongly about his Grandma and doesn't want her getting hurt.

I would recommend this book for anyone looking for an easy, warm homely read. Anyone who is a Katie Fforde fan then read this book as it will not disappoint!

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