Sunday, 26 June 2011

Confessions Of A Call Center Gal by Lisa Lim

I have just finished Confessions Of A Call Center Gal by Lisa Lim. This is Lisa’s debut novel. I have recently read many great books which have quite in depth storylines so I was in need of reading something a little lighter, not to challenging but enjoyable all the same. With this being the first novel by Lisa Lim I was unsure what to expect from this book.

Meet Maddy who is our main character, she has just finished her journalism course only to find work is next to nothing. After spending time looking for work and finding nothing she gets a call from best friend Karsynn who persuades Maddy to go and stay with her in Idaho.

The last thing Maddy expects is to find work in Idaho, but when Karsynn’s mum informs them that there are jobs available at her workplace, Lightening Speed Communications, the girls waste no time in applying for the jobs.
After a gruelling interview and with gritted teeth manage to work their way through their six week training the girls are now members of the Call Centre! What really goes on in these cal centre's?

My Opinion
This is the first chick lit style book I have read which is based around a cal centre and truth be told I was a little worried that this really was not going to interest me. Unfortunately I didn’t warm to Maddy or Karsynn which did make the story a bit hard to read. I loved the character of Mika who was the love interest in this book his character was alot easier to warm to and he is what kept me going as his character intrigued me. 

The storyline was very light which is what I was looking for nothing to challenging and it flowed at a slow pace which is quite nice for a book to read in-between the more in-depth novels. The part of the book which shines for me in is the humour. The humour is believable humour my favourite being when Maddy answers a phone call from an Australian guy whose name is Poida!!! To me and you that is Peter! This humour comes up during most chapters in the book and is what keeps you reading. Some of the humour does become a little immature and silly such as the toilet humour!

I am sure anyone who likes the Shopaholic series by Sophie Kinsella will love this book as the humour is similar although the book is not as “girlie” and is more down to earth.

From the calls that are taken from the call centre workers in this book, it does open up your eyes to the goings on in the call centre and also the tiring continuous calls by rude and impatient people (which I have to admit has been me in the past when they are telling me to do something I do not have a clue about!) I think when I need to ring a call centre now I will be a little more patient and I think Call Centre workers up and down the country will really appreciate Lisa Lim putting her experiences into this book to let us all become aware of what really goes on at work.

I am unsure that the storyline will be memorable but it was the ideal book at the ideal time for me.
If you are looking for an easy read, which you can pick up and put down then this is the book for you.

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  1. Thanks for your honest review. I truly appreciate you taking the time to read it =)