Sunday, 19 June 2011

A Life That Fits by Heather Wardell

I have just finished A Life That Fits by Heather Wardell. I have yet to read any other books by Heather Wardell so I cannot compare this book to her other books. Heather Wardell has one stand alone book titled Seven Exes Are Eight Too Many and she also has a series of books, the Toronto Series.
Her new book A Life That Fits has just been released and you can read an excerpt of the book over on her website

Andrea returns home from a business trip to find her boyfriend of fourteen years, Alex, waiting nervously for her. Andrea finds her heart race as she is sure this is the moment he is going to propose to her. Imagine Andrea’s shock when instead of proposing to her admits to cheating on her and is in fact leaving her for another woman. Not quite the welcome home she was waiting for.

Andrea is heartbroken and hides away indoors forming a plan to get Alex back from decorating the flat to then deciding to do everything differently, anything she would never usually do she is going to do from now on, surely this will win back his heart?

My Opinion
I was surprised how gripped I was by the first chapter of this book. I usually find when I read new authors it takes me a while to warm to the book and get used to their style of writing but this was not the case with A Life That Fits.

Andrea seems like a normal girl next door kind of character which makes her instantly likeable as a character.Because the book is told from Andrea’s point of view we get to see and feel all of the emotions she is going through from heartbroken and depressed, to pure determination which is something which is usually skipped over in most chick lit style books which is what gives this book more depth to the story. We start to see her journey of trying to find out who she really is after years of being moulded into the woman Alex wanted.

I did find that after having such a gripping first chapter the book started to lose me for about 4-5 chapters and I was starting to think I wasn’t going to finish the book I was a little disappointed as the first chapter seemed to promise so much. These chapters are letting the reader know the feeling of Andrea being alone and not really knowing who she really is, but I just felt this part went on for too long in my opinion.

Half way through the book when her character started interacting with other characters was when the book started to pick up again, I think this is when you realize you really need relationships with other characters to make a book enjoyable.

My favourite part is the big twist as too who Alex’ new girlfriend was, I was sure I knew who it was and so I was surprised when it was revealed as a different character!

Although this is a chick-lit style read it is not a light hearted read this book is sure to bring out every emotion. It is easy to follow as there is not a great deal of characters in this book but the characters are all great to read.
I think the ending felt like it had been left open either for the reader to make up their own mind as to what happens next or maybe the possibility of a follow on book.

**Thankyou to Heather Wardell for sending me a copy of her book **

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