Wednesday, 20 July 2011

The Chocolate Lovers Club by Carole Matthews

I am a self confessed chocoholic which for those of you who are friends with me on facebook will know from my user name! So how could I walk over Carole Mathews The Chocolate Lovers Club. I also saw whilst I was looking on the shelf that there was also The chocolate lovers Diet by the same author and I wasn't sure which one to pick up. I am lucky I picked this one up as the Chocolate lovers diet I have now found out is a carry on from this book. 

The Chocolate lovers club consist of four women, Lucy, Autumn, Nadia and Chantal. Lucy is the main character of the book, which is written from her point of view. She has been in a relationship with the cheating Marcus for a long time and at the beginning of the book she finds him cheating again and calls an emergency gathering with the girls at chocolate heaven. 
This is where we are introduced to the girls for the first time. Autumn is a hippy kind of girl who works with drug addicts and is single and loves dark chocolate. Nadia is the only member of the club with a young son, she finds the chocolate club like a refuge for her. Lastly we have Chantal who is a confident American woman who is having problems with her husband who no longer wants to sleep with her. 

The ladies all share the same love of chocolate and regularly meet up and Chocolate Heaven to eat and drink handmade chocolate and to socialise and help each other out in their times of crisis. All four of the girls are lovable characters and are described adequately enough for you to relate with them. 

The girls come head to head with many problems between the through the book including cheating boyfriends, crushes on bosses, drug problems, a robbery, gambling, to name a few, but the girls stick together and firmly believe they can get through anything with the help of chocolate, as chocolate can cure anything. 

I found the style of writing in this book completely different to the previous book I read by Carole Mathews. I thoroughly enjoyed this book and found it hard to put down. She uses enough details about chocolate without over doing it. There is a strong story line with chocolate weaved in-between. 

The only problem I found with this book was each time a known brand of chocolate was mentioned I craved it so personally I feel the book should come with some kind of warning or at least a free chocolate supply with it!!. 

I am looking forward to reading the follow up book as this book was left on a Cliff hanger you become addicted and need to find out what happens next with the girls. 

This book was 432 pages long in paperback and also has a snippet of the next book which I always find helpful. I would definatley recommend this book and I have to say I think this is my favourite Carole Matthews book by far.


  1. Okay I'm sold on this one! Anything chocolate is for me! I'm adding this to my wishlist!

  2. oh no margaret if you are sold on this one then i have news the follow up from this one the chocolate diet is just as good so you have to get both hehe!! I will find my review of that one and put it up for you xx

  3. Didn't you just feel guilty for craving chocolate while reading this one... a great read!

    Lindsay @