Wednesday, 13 July 2011

Summer Loving by Allie Spencer

This week I finally got up to date with my reading and finished reviewing the last of the books which had been sent to me so it was time for me to hit the shops for a spot of retail therapy and pick up a few books which I have been waiting to read. One of the books I have picked up is Allie Spencer Summer Loving. With this appalling summer us Brits seem to be having at the moment and my holiday still 6 months away I felt it was time to read something to give me the summer feeling!

There comes a point in a girl’s life when she just needs to hang out with her girlfriends – preferably in Greece – so they can laugh, reminisce and perhaps indulge in a holiday romance or two. Beth has reached that point, and being a woman who likes to organise things, she arranges the holiday of her dreams for her and her three best friends. However, the bars, clubs and wild nights of their imaginings are a far cry from the slow, quiet pace of life on Liminaki. But if they thought that meant they were in for a peaceful time, they soon discover their mistake. For a start, Ginny drives everyone mad talking about her bleeping wedding. Anna falls hook, line and sinker for the waiter. Beth succumbs to the charms of a handsome sailor. And something is definitely Up with Kirsten. And then Beth’s boyfriend turns up at a Very Bad Moment… surely things can’t get any more complicated?

My Opinion
This is the first book I have read by Allie Spencer and what a great start it was for me. The story is set in Liminaki in Greece, which is a quiet village not quite what the ladies were expecting and although it was a shock to the ladies as this was not the holiday they were planning they gradually started to fall in love with the island and so did I and this is thanks for Allie’s creative writing which described the idyllic scene of a perfect holiday destination. The way in which she describes Liminaki makes you feel as if you are there with the girls and makes you feel as if you really get to know the island. It was a similar style of writing to Belinda Jones.  This gorgeous setting made a great base for a beautiful book.

Our main character in this book is Beth who I found to be a very likeable character and it didn’t take long to warm to her.  Although I did love Beth my favourite female character in this book was Anna and I really wish we got to read more about her as she seemed like such a warm gentle and genuine character who never sees the bad in anyone. My one down point to this book is the character Ginny. I didn’t like her from the moment she arrived in the book and I didn’t enjoy any part of her in the book I don’t think her presence was really needed in this little gem of a book. Allie got the male characters of this book spot on having both a true English gentle man and a gorgeous Greek piece of eye candy to keep us  ladies entertained. I enjoyed both of their characters but I have to say that Bick the Greek guy had the slight edge for me as I always find Greek and Italian men a bit mysterious and charming!

I found with this book rather than there being one main story line there were many different things going on as each of the girls seem to have their own problems going on which all come to light in the book. I did find that the book was predictable but this didn’t ruin the book for me I still flowed along with the story.
This is defiantly one to take on holiday with you as it really gets you in the holiday mood. You do get lost in the story which was a bit of a shock for me when I finished the book then looked out the window to see the rain and realised I am not in sunny Greece!! I would defiantly recommend this book and I eagerly await the next novel which I hope Allie has already made a start on!

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