Wednesday, 14 September 2011

Post Box

WOW! Do any of you have one of those weeks where every thing that can go wrong does go wrong! Welcome to my week! I am not like a man who buries their head in the sand I bury my nose in a book instead hehe!! So this is why I am having to say a BIG thank you to Scarlett Bailey and her lovely publishers at Ebury Press as you have managed to put a Big smile back on my face!
I think it is only fair to share with my lovely followers the pictures of what arrived in my post box!

Thankyou once again to Scarlett Bailey and Ebury Press.
Also followers just so you know this of course will be one of the books entered into the best Christmas book of 2011 so eyes peeled for the review.


  1. WOW love the package and the pink and it all :)

  2. You can't quiet see on the picture but there are little snowflake confetti in there too. A very nice touch. Can't wait to read it girls xx

  3. That is both awesome and so cool at the same time. (:

  4. You Ladies sound as excited as me!!!

  5. Wow the presentation is great how can anyone not want to read this book after seeing the effort that has gone into this lets hope the book is as good look forward to reading your review xx