Saturday, 10 September 2011

Private Lives by Tasmina Perry

I have just finished reading my first ever Tasmina Perry book. I have often seen her books in the book store, they all have stunning, eye catching covers, but the size of the books have always put me off!! I was sent a copy of Tasmina Perry’s recent novel Private Lives by Headline Reviews to read and review and when this huge hard back arrived on my door step ( wouldn’t fit in the letter box!) it was my time to delve into the world of Tasmina Perry.

Anna Kennedy loves her career. A young associate with a top media law firm, she's the lawyer to the stars, hiding their sins from the hungry media. When Anna fails to prevent a damaging story being printed about heart-throb movie star Sam Charles she finds herself fighting to save not only his reputation, but also her own. But Anna is about to uncover a scandal more explosive than even Sam's infidelities. A party girl is already dead and those responsible are prepared to silence anyone who stands in their way. Not least a pretty young lawyer who knows too much...

My Opinion
After I got over my shock at how huge this book was and once I had stopped cooing over the front cover I started reading this straight away. The book is a whopping 534 pages long and I was a little uncertain if the book was going to keep my attention for the duration of the book. The novel starts off slowly and takes a while to get into the flow of the story but I feel this was because there were many different characters and different storylines going on so it took a little time to get to know who was who. Once the novel started to flow the story began to come into its own.

The storyline was a little unexpected for me I am a terrible one for judging a book by its cover so I assumed this was going to be a light weight easy beach read, but I was wrong the story needs your full attention as there is so much going on in the book you cannot afford to skim a part.

There is a real mix of characters in Private Lives and each of the characters have their own storyline which gives us an insight to their back ground but each of the characters are connected in some way. My favourite characters had to be Anna our leading lady who seems to have had a hard time the last couple of years and so has thrown herself into work, and also Matt who has just started working at the same firm as Anna, his character felt very genuine and like your guy next door type of guy.
The storyline did loose me at a couple of points but I soon found myself back on track. I do feel that the book could have been condensed down a little but all in all I found the book very enjoyable. I am not one to usually read about law and lawyers but I surprised myself as to how much I enjoyed this book it really was a glamourous read.

I will defiantly be looking out for Tasmina Perry Books in the future. Thankyou to Headline Review for sending me a copy of Tasmina Perry Private Lives.


  1. thanks for the review.

    I had not read anything by this author.


  2. Wow - having seen this book on your To Be Read list - I was keenly awaiting your review. I recently read 'Gold Diggers' by Tasmina Perry and loved it. Her style is pacy and the subject matter always glamorous and escapist (a bit like a Jackie Collins) - and from your review I know I'm going to love this book too! Thanks Rea.

  3. Ihave just brough my copy of this on Amazon after reading your review. Your blog is doing damage to my bank account!

  4. This has been on my to-read list for awhile!