Sunday, 27 November 2011

It's A Vets Life by Cathy Woodman

We currently have a Give Away running on our blog for you to win your own copy of Cathy Woodman’s new novel It’s a Vets Life, I have just finished reading my copy of this book and I thought I would put my review of this book straight up so you know what you have to look forward to if you are the lucky winner!

Long, irregular hours; occasional risk of injury; often smelly and dirty. Job satisfaction guaranteed.
This is the life Maz Harwood signed up to when she became a vet, and she has never regretted it. She now has a beautiful baby boy, George, and she will be marrying fellow vet, Alex Fox-Gifford, at Christmas.
But recently things have become difficult. Because between arranging the wedding, performing life-saving animal surgery, and taking care of George, there hasn't been much time left for poor Alex.
So Maz decides to take things into her own hands - with terrible consequences for all concerned.
As Christmas draws near, Maz realises that she's going to need more than a miracle for her and Alex to make it up the aisle and rekindle the love they had once shared.

My Opinion
This book was sent to me for our Christmas 2011 book competition. The cover of this book is still in keeping with the style of the previous three books by Cathy Woodman but it has got the Christmas touch which stands out among the shelves, with a snowy setting and the sparkly snow flakes on the cover it is in true fitting for this time of year.

I really enjoyed the previous two books and so when I heard there was a third instalment based in the lovely fictional village of Talyton St George I couldn’t wait to get my hands on a copy.

The first thing I will mention about this book is that it is not imperative that you read the previous books first as this is an easy read and you can pick the storyline up straight from the first chapter. When any points are mentioned about the previous books you are given enough detail so as you don’t lose your way in the story. Having said this I would still say that it is well worth picking up the previous two books as they are lovely reads and allow you to get to know the characters more.

What I have always loved about Cathy Woodmans style of writing is that each of her books are so believable it really does feel as though you are reading about a traditional devon village with normal everyday country folks typical day to day life. I found this book had the same feel to it and I found myself getting lost in the little village’s events. There was one chapter in the book which came as a big shock for me involving Maz’s father in-law to be which did put a little downer on the book for me as it really didn’t fit into this beautifully written series, I found it very unexpected and out of place. Having said this, the scenario I am talking about wasn’t drawn out to long so I soon found myself getting back to the comfortable feel of the book.

We get to see many of the characters from the previous books which gave a feeling familiarity to the book. I did find my feelings towards Alex’s character changed in this book.

I love the ending of this book where the Christmas feel comes into place and the story is wrapped up like a perfect little present, I am hoping now that the Talyton St George series has come to an end as I think this was a perfect finish to a wonderful set of three books. I will always look out for books by Cathy Woodman as she really has a unique style of writing which I cannot compare to any other author whose books I have read.

I would definitely recommend you pick this book up. I am giving this book a 4 star rating, I would have given the full 5 star but It was a shame the only Christmas part to the book was in the last chapter and also because of the scenario involving Maz’s father in-law.
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