Friday, 2 December 2011

Breakfast at Darcy's by Ali McNamara

One of the books which really played on my mind last year was Ali McNamara’s debut novel From Notting Hill With Love...Actually. It was the one book I was undecided about so when I heard that Ali had a new book due to be released I couldn’t wait to get my hands on a copy to see how my opinion differs with this book.

When Darcy McCall loses her beloved Aunt Molly, she doesn’t expect any sort of inheritance - let alone a small island! Located off the west coast of Ireland, Tara hasn’t been lived on for years, but according to Molly’s will Darcy must stay there for twelve months in order to fully inherit. It’s a big shock. And she’s even more shocked to hear she needs to persuade a village full of people to settle there, too. Darcy must leave behind her independent city life and swap stylish heels for muddy wellies. Between sorting everything from the plumbing to the pub, she meets confident, charming Conor and sensible, stubborn Dermot - but who will make her feel really at home?

My Opinion
I am so glad I read this book as it was an adorable, charming read. There is no sitting on the fence when it comes to this book I loved the book from the beginning to the middle and the end. The main character in this book is the lovable Darcy, we really get a feel for her character and I think this is mainly because the book is told from Darcy’s point of view. We see Darcy change during her time on the Island Tara and this only makes her character more loveable.

The other characters that join Darcy on her new adventure on the Island, all bring their own little touch to the story and the community feel to this book is endearing to read. My favourite character alongside Darcy is Dermot, who at the beginning of this book I didn’t take to him but as his time on the Island flew by he seemed to drop his guard allowing us to see his true character.

This in my eyes is a very unique storyline and it worked very well. I have to say I am not aware f another book with a similar storyline so it felt like a great fresh read. I absolutely adored this book and I found it very hard to put down as there were no low points to this book at all. My one little problem would be that if I was to recommend this to someone I would say it is an “adorable little beach read” not really what you would expect when looking at the cover of this book!

I loved this book and It is nice to now be able to say I love Ali McNamara’s work. Do not hesitate pick up your copy of Breakfast at Darcy’s today.


  1. I wasn't sure about her first book to be honest - but I will give this one a go after reading your review.

  2. I felt the same Jo its the one book I couldn't make my mind up about but this one is completely different I am sure you will like this one xx