Tuesday, 27 December 2011

Who's Afraid of Mr Wolfe? by Hazel Osmond

Ellie Somerset is a great advertising copywriter going nowhere fast - a boyfriend who is always at work, a tendency to dress like a short-sighted bag lady and a Creative Director who rejects her fresh ideas - they all conspire to keep her just treading water. Even her Great Aunt Edith, a demon at filthy scrabble, has a better social life than she does.

All that changes when Jack Wolfe becomes her boss. Whilst everyone else at the agency thinks he's Heathcliff in jeans, Ellie just sees a stalking, scowling Alpha male with a nasty redundancy plan up his sleeve. As Jack makes it his mission to smarten up Ellie's attitude and her appearance, it's time for her to prove herself. But that means getting closer to this very sexy, very wicked man, and as she does Ellie discovers that this particular Heathcliff has an awful lot to hide.

My Opinion
This is Hazel Osmond’s first book which is quite hard to believe as it really is a wonderful book and a great style of writing. This is one book you cannot walk past in the shop for although you wouldn’t have heard of this author before the stunning cover alone will call out to you, the twinkling purple title will have you entranced.

The book starts off at a comfortable pace introducing us to our characters of which there are not many, this I found perfect for the book as it made the book fully focus on the strong characters Hazel Osmond creates without us becoming too distracted with minor characters. Although there are very few characters in this book the characters we do have each provide us with different character traits from eccentric Edith to the loveable Ellie, and the strong, handsome Jekyll and Hyde character of Mr Wolfe himself, Jack.

I could hardly put this book down as it was a real page turner. It was a beautiful storyline and I loved the build up to Ellie and Jacks relationship which seemed to flow like a rollercoaster ride. There is a great sense of down to earth humour which at one point made me spurt my cup of tea out as it was so unexpected!

There are strong sex scenes half way through the book which I know some of you have said before you do not like but in this book it is all done in a very tasteful way so you won’t feel like you need to skip the chapter.

I would definitely recommend this book it easily gets the full 5 stars from me. I will be putting Hazel Osmond’s next book on my to be read list I am looking forward to see how she can improve on her debut book.

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