Sunday, 19 February 2012

February releases EXCITED!!!

Wow is it just me or is February been the best month for new book releases!! Here are the ones I am having for my reading pile!

What books have you all got your eyes on for February? xXx


  1. Have just finished Jane Costello's All the Single Ladies which I won in a facebook comp and really enjoyed it.

    Would also recommend Janey Fraser's The Playgroup which I read in 2 days ;0)

    I'm on a book buying ban until the end of March when I'm due my bonus but most of these books are on my Amazon wishlist along with some March release so I'll need to decide then which ones to buy.... nice decision to have to make ;0)

  2. I've got your number is definitely one that I'd like to read! I've listened to a few of her other books on audio and they were really good.

    To be honest, all the other books look really good too. There's so much to read and not enough time. haha

  3. I have too many I want to read out this month

    Kim Wright – Love In Mid Air
    Jane Costello – All The Single Ladies
    Janey Fraser – The Playgroup
    Fiona O’Brien – The Love Book
    Jessica Thompson – This Is A Love Story
    Sarra Manning – Nine Uses for an Ex-Boyfriend
    Mike Gayle – The Hen & Stag Weekend
    Jill Mansell – A Walk In The Park
    Marita Conlon-McKenna – Three Women
    Alison Bond – Sweet Little Lies
    Jessica Ruston – The Darker Side of Love
    Fiona Gibson – The Great Escape
    Sophie Kinsella – I’ve Got Your Number
    Susan Lewis – Losing You
    Marisa Mackle – Along Came A Stork
    Geraldine O’Neill – Summer’s End

  4. Wow anonymous!! I think you will be a busy bee if you end up getting all of these!! If you have a kindle Fiona Gibson is only 99p at the moment. Marian I am reading Sophie Kinsella at the moment and so far so good!!Sharon this Book buying ban is not good roll on the end of march!!

    Thankyou for your comments ladies x