Monday, 20 February 2012

Forged In Fire by Trish McCallan

Beth Brown doesn’t believe in premonitions until she dreams a sexy stranger is gunned down during the brutal hijacking of a commercial airliner. When events in her dream start coming true, she heads to the flight’s departure gate. To her shock, she recognizes the man she’d watched die the night before.

Lieutenant Commander Zane Winters comes from a bloodline of elite warriors with psychic abilities. When Zane and two of his platoon buddies arrive at Sea-Tac Airport, he has a vision of his teammates’ corpses. Then she arrives—a leggy blonde who sets off a different kind of alarm.

As Beth teams up with Zane, they discover the hijacking is the first step in a secret cartel’s deadly global agenda and that key personnel within the FBI are compromised. To survive the forces mobilizing against them, Beth will need to open herself to a psychic connection with the sexy SEAL who claims to be her soul mate.

My Opinion
From the word go this book was fast paced all the way through this book it was action packed with something happening on each page that had you gripped. The characters were not developed very well but I think this is because there was so much going on in this book but I hope that we get to know the characters a bit better in the follow on to this book. I was also hoping for a lot more romance but the characters romance couldn’t really develop more than it did as the storyline is only based on a 12 hour day and there was obviously more pressing matters in this book than my need for a bit more romance!

I loved the whole psychic ability in this book it made the book have a more mysterious feel to it although i am quite glad I don’t share the same gift as I don’t think my partner would want to hear my thoughts at times!
I have to say what kept me intrigued in this book was the male lead character Zane for some reason I was really drawn to his character and it is for this reason alone that I will read the next book to see what happens with him next.

Ok now I need to give a good explanation for my star rating. I am always one who loves a good bit of suspense and I even don’t mind being left on a cliff hanger wondering what will happen next but the truth is with this book the ending was not to my liking at all I actually had to check it had downloaded properly as it just felt like it stopped mid sentence, the ending really did feel like it came from nowhere I felt a little cheated.
I feel that this book has made a good foundation for the next book to continue on so I will be looking out for her next book.

If you are looking for a fast paced action packed read then this is one for you!

Trish McCallan has been kind enough to provide one e-book copy of Forged In The Fire to us which is now up for grabs all you need to do is comment below " I NEED this book!" all entries will be put into the prize draw and the winner will be picked via Closing date is 24th February. GOOD LUCK!


  1. I love characters with psychic abilities. Sounds like a good read!

  2. Hi Rea,

    Thank you for the review, and hosting me for this stop of my blog tour. Your support's appreciated!


  4. Thanks so much for your reviews & this book sounds good to me. Thanks for the chance to win a copy of the book also....D ;-)

  5. Susan CONGRATULATIONS you have won!! please e-mail me (my email address is on the left hand panel) I can then arrange for your e-book to be sent to you, xXx