Sunday, 4 March 2012

Never Coming Home by Evonne Wareham


All she has left is hope. When Kaz Elmore is told her five-year-old daughter Jamie has died in a car crash, she struggles to accept that she'll never see her little girl again. Then a stranger comes into her life offering the most dangerous substance in the world: hope. Devlin, a security consultant and witness to the terrible accident scene, inadvertently reveals that Kaz's daughter might not have been the girl in the car after all. What if Jamie is still alive? With no evidence, the police aren't interested, so Devlin and Kaz have little choice but to investigate themselves. Devlin never gets involved with a client. Never. But the more time he spends with Kaz, the more he desires her - and the more his carefully constructed ice-man persona starts to unravel. The desperate search for Jamie leads down dangerous paths - to a murderous acquaintance from Devlin's dark past, and all across Europe, to Italy, where deadly secrets await. But as long as Kaz has hope, she can't stop looking…

My Opinion.

I have always enjoyed all of the books which the publisher Choc lit have sent me. When Never Coming Home arrived in my post box I knew I was in for something very different to the previous books they had sent me just from the title. This wasn’t going to be a light hearted read and so I was a little worried if I was going to make it to the end of this book.

I loved the suspense that Evonne Wareham creates in this book, I was unsure all the way through who was the bad guy behind the scenes right up until the last few chapters. This really kept me gripped and turning those pages to finally uncover the truth.

Don’t worry for any of you reading this who is like me and loves a good bit of romance because although the storyline is not based around happy terms and is definitely a deeper and darker read we still have a romance story forming between our two main characters as much as they try and keep their relationship strictly professional their feelings for each other soon start to take over.

I have to say I favoured Devlin’s character over Kaz and I think that is because of the element of mystery that surrounds him as we start to unravel his past. I found Kaz was pretty much an open book and although the storyline is based around her daughter I didn’t feel like her character had much depth to her but Devlin more than made up for this.

I would recommend this book if you are looking for a great action and suspense read with a splash of romance.

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  1. From all the reviews I've read, this definitely sounds like my type of book.

    Am currently on a self-imposed book buying ban until the end of March when I'm due a bonus at work, so will buy it then unless I'm lucky enough to win a copy before then as have entered a couple of competitions ;0)

  2. OOO fingers crossed for you Sharon xXx