Saturday, 12 May 2012

Chocolate Shoes and Wedding Blues by Trisha Ashley

I have always found Trisha Ashley’s books a little hit or miss, although I read and enjoy them they never seem to grip me and leave me with a lasting impression and yet there is still something about them that make me pick up her new novel every year.

I will be very surprised if anyone can walk past this book and not turn their head as firstly the title of this book must grab the attention of every woman, I mean Chocolate and shoes in the same sentence, is it just me or does that sound like pure heaven. I also loved the fact that the cover is similar to Chocolate Wishes which makes the book instantly recognisable as Trisha Ashley’s book.

I instantly took a liking to our main character Tansy. She was a very likeable character who had a kind of old fashioned and traditional feel to her. After constantly knocked down by her partner about her weight and her quirky dress sense and with him not wanting children Tansy is a shadow of her former self. 
Things take a change and soon Tansy inherits her Aunt Nans shoe shop, she has a great idea to modernise the shop changing it into Cinderella’s Slippers which sells shoes for the beautiful brides. Things seem to be improving for Tansy if only her ex would get the hint and realise that her life is now in Sticklepond and no longer featured him in her life.

It’s not long before the owner of the house next door arrives and catches Tansy’s breath when she realises he is a blast from the past.

I particularly enjoyed reading Aunt Nans memoires at the beginning of each chapter I thought this was a unique part of the book. There were a great mix of characters in this book some who we have met already in Chocolate Wishes and some new characters, some you take an instant dislike to such as Tansy’s two evil stepsisters and her awful mother but then there were some great warm and friendly characters alongside Tansy such as great Aunt Nan and Bella.

The book had a modern day fairytale romance about it which I loved as it made it an easy read and a feel good feeling. I enjoyed watching Tansy create her shop of her dreams step by step.
This book defiantly gets the thumbs up from me and in my opinion it is Trisha Ashley’s work at its best this is defiantly my favourite book by this author and I would defiantly recommend it.
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  1. This sounds really good, I'm going to have to check it out. I wonder if I can buy it for my Kindle here in the states.

    Happy reading!

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