Sunday, 6 May 2012

The Love Letter by Fiona Walker

When Allegra North parted from first love Francis after a decade together, she poured all her regret into a letter. He didn’t reply. A year later her job brings her back to beautiful Devon coast where romance first blossomed and she hopes they can start a new chapter.

 A family crisis fans the old flames from the start, and sparks fly when a chance encounter makes Allegra question whether Francis was ever really on the same page. As summer storms circle, the exes juggle rebellious parents, vengeful family members, and a very reluctant celebrity author who holds the key to everyone’s future. Just when Allegra thinks she can’t blot her copy book any further, she finds herself held to ransom by her own love letter. Should she read between the lines, or is the writing on the wall? 

This is the first book I have read by Fiona Walker and I have to say when it was arrived I was shocked at the size of the book. Sealed With a Kiss is a prequel e-book to The Love Letter which is set 12 months before this book. I didn’t read the prequel which introduces you to the characters and involves the same letter that The Love Letter is about. For those of you who do not have an e-reader please do not be put off reading The Love Letter if you cannot read Sealed With a Kiss as I still found that the author develops each of the characters beautifully in this book so you can follow who everyone is without feeling like you are missing out on something. There is such a vast amount of characters in this book some that I loved and some I found I had my guard up around.

 I did struggle with the first quarter of the book I found it was a very slow start and I found myself picking the book up and putting it back down it just didn’t seem to grip my attention. I am glad to say after the slow start to the book things began to pick up and I found myself flicking through the pages as the pace of the book increased and the air of mystery finally caught my attention.

There seemed to be so many things going on in this book it really is action packed. I did find that from early on in the book I had my suspicions as to who the writer Gordon Lapis really was and my suspicions were right but it was great to watch the truth unfold. Although I predicted this part of the book there were still many twists and turns coming to light throughout the book. I did enjoy this book but I do feel that it didn’t need to be as long as it was.

I would definitely read another book by Fiona Walker again as she does have a lovely style of writing but I just hope that the next book doesn’t feel so drawn out, sometimes less really is more.

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  1. Thanks for an honest review of this one Rea. I won a copy and it looks good but when I saw it I thought the size was rather daunting too.

  2. I have everyone of her books and never read a bad one yet. trying to Fiona walker.