Thursday, 7 June 2012

Rumours by Freya North

I have always enjoyed books by Freya North with last year’s release Chances being my favourite so when I was asked if I would like to review an early copy of Freya North’s new book Rumours I immediately jumped at the chance.

Stella has had to change careers so as she can bring in a secured regular income to support herself and her son Will after her bitter marriage has come to an end. She begins working as an estate agent but she is soon the talk of the village when rumours start that she is involved with the sale of Longbridge.

Lydia has grown up in the family estate and it holds a vast amount of memories, some good and many emotionally heartbreaking. Lydia now feels the time has come to sell Longbridge as the house is just to much for her now but as the sale of the estate moves along it is not only Lydia who will be in need of a new home., but other residents who have lived on the estate for many years such as the gorgeous, single Xander.

With Stella needing to sell Longbridge for the commission it will bring, will there be a happy ending for all involved?

This really was a charming read. The book sets off at a slow pace as we are introduced to a variety of characters which I was a little worried about in case I started to lose track of who was who but as the book progressed and the characters developed I soon became familiar with each character.

My favourite character by far was the adorable little Will who is Stella’s son. He brought some great humour to the book, he seemed to have an old wise head on his shoulders and I was constantly looking forward to his character re-appearing in this book. The relationship that grows between Stella and Xander felt very realistic they both have had a very difficult pasts when it comes to relationships and so they don’t jump in feet first.
There wasn’t a huge indepth storyline to Rumours which made it a quick and easy yet enjoyable read. The descriptive use of writing that always enjoy from Freya North is seen again in this book especially when talking about Longbridge house and grounds I actually feel as though I have visited this place after reading this book.

Freya North has yet again brought us a delightful read full of humour and loveable characters, I am sure this is one you will want to get your hands on.

Rumours is due out on the 21st June Pre-order your copy below.
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