Sunday, 17 June 2012

Sunday in the life of a bookaholic !

A slightly different post today talking about ME!! I woke up this morning and opened yesterdays post and was over the moon to be greeted by this sight!

This will be the first book I have read by Claudia Carroll and I am looking forward to this one I love the cover it is definitely one that I would pick up if I saw it in the shops.

Now I have been putting off reading The Fifty Shades of Grey series as it didn't sound like my kind of read but for weeks now all I keep hearing about is how fabulous this book is and after logging onto facebook last night my top 7 satuses were from people who have started reading it and each of these people do not usually read so it was time I found ot what the fuss was about........ easier said than done!
I went into every store in Town and they all had sold out of the first two. I then went to Tesco and the same there, after asking the shop assistant if they had any out the back only to be told sharply NO (here comes the part were I feel like a criminal!) I then went back round to the books and there is a drawer at the bottom of the books I opened the drawer and there staring at me were all three books as I went to get them out the lady from before who had said NO come around the corner and caught me and gave me a telling off for being in the drawer! I went a funny shade of read grabbed the books and ran off. I think it was at this time that my partner realised I really do have a problem when it comes to books! The things we will do for The Fifty Shades of Grey !

Because they were in the buy 2 for £7 I also got Summer with my Sister as this is what The Fifty Shades of Cake are reading in their book club so I wanted to read the same although I am too far away to attend.

Happy Reading xXx


  1. Yey :) no idea it was such a difficult problem getting copies, I'm now on the 2nd and have the 3rd lined up from library so I've avoided the stampede :) SOOOOOO excited to see the Fifty Shades of Cake mention YEY!! Thanks hun :)

  2. Haha i loved that blog! its been mayhem tryna find the fifty shades books..lucky i just downloaded them on my much easier hehe :)

  3. You are very welcome Gem I think the book club needs to do a tour down south one day! I was going to order them on kindle Abbey but I know my sister will probably want to read them and I am NOT letting anyone's mucky paws on my kindle hehehe!!! xxx

  4. That is so funny. They will have a photo of you in the shop saying do not sell books to this person :-) I too downloaded all 3 books. I was nt taken in by the hype on the blogs but when my facebook status was taken over by talk from friends when I didnt realise were readers I just had to join in :-) Carol

  5. You can get all three for £10 in Asda but have yet to see all 3 in stock! I have been given the first one by a friend but not sure I will bother - I tend not to read over hyped books that everyone and his dog is reading. One day I might just get round to Twilight and Harry Potter..............