Tuesday 19 June 2012

What I did on my Holidays by Chrissie Manby

I have only read two books by Chrissie Manby before but I loved both of them.  It is one of the first real summery looking books I have seen so far this year and after reading the synopsis for this book I was already chuckling away.

After months of planning the most perfect romantic holiday Sophie finishes her last day at work and decides to cook a nice meal for Callum but when he still doesn’t arrive later than planned Sophie calls him and he dumps her the night before they are due to jet away to their holiday destination. Sophie is stuck what should she do go on her long awaited holiday or forget about it all together?
Sophie didn’t feel she could go on holiday on her own and so she plans to hide out in her flat in London. She pretends to her family and colleagues that she has jetted away and posts random texts but soon she is recreating her whole holiday in her flat but how long will she be able to keep up the game before someone suspects something?

I absolutely loved this book it is one of the most hilarious books I have read so far this year! When the book starts poor Sophie is looking forward to her holiday with partner Callum until he dumps her and I thought the book was going to be very emotional and I did feel that Chrissie Manby's usual writing style had changed and I was a little worried but from out of nowhere the humour starts and it had me laughing out loud ( in the middle of Costa which isn’t so good!)

Sophie was a fantastic main character she was so entertaining and she felt so life like and I connected with her character right from the first character. I also loved her sister Clare who also brought a lot of humour to the book even if it did mean she was creating more sticky situations for her sister. I think what made this book such a simple read was there was very few characters to get to know and the two characters who featured the most were developed so well.

The book was a quick read at only 308 pages but this was perfect for this book as there was something going on in each chapter which had you turning the pages to see what on earth Sophie and Clare were going to do next and I think if the book was any longer it would have felt a little drawn out. This would be a perfect beach read as it is a very light-hearted and entertaining storyline.

I highly recommend What I Did On My Holidays it was oozing with humour, a real feel good read. I am looking forward to more books by Chrissie Manby.

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  2. FAB review!!! I enjoyed this one so much too and its the first of Chrissie's books I have read, I will definately be picking up more of hers... :-)