Monday, 30 July 2012

A Very Accidental Love Story by Claudia Carroll

A Very Accidental Love Affair is the first book I have read by Claudia Carroll, after hearing so many good things about this author I was looking forward to finally getting on board and trying out one of her novels.

With Eloise Elliot it was all work and no play and it wasn’t until her 30th birthday party when hardly anyone turned up that she realised that she was lonely as her whole life revolves around work she has no friends no partner and hardly any contact with her family.

After three years things have changed somewhat for Eloise as she is now a mother to a beautiful little girl but one thing still has yet to change and that is to get some kind of balance between work and social balance. It is when little Lily starts questioning about her Daddy that Eloise has no option but to slow down at work and try to find Lily’s Daddy she longs to meet.

The first thing I have to say is that I love the cover of this book it gives a kind of fairytale feel to it, and is definitely one that would catch my eye on the book shelf.

Our main character Eloise was quite a hard character to warm to at first and that is because her character is cold and hard. The only thing to her personality is that she is a workaholic but that is as far as her personality goes. When the book then fast forwards to three years later when she has become a mum she still doesn’t seem to have developed at all and that is when I began to worry about this book as the most important thing to me in a book is that I can either relate to the character or at least like the character.

It is Jake who saves the day in this book because as soon as Eloise meets him she starts to blossom as a character and he is a lovely male character too. By the time Eloise finds Jake the pages seemed to be turning themselves and I found myself getting lost in the storyline wanting to see how it pans out but as I got closer to the end it was a little sad to find it was nearly finished!

It seemed as though Eloise’s daughter Lily had her mum wrapped around her little finger which was quite funny to see that this hard woman could have her hard exterior broken down by this adorable little girl. I was surprised that my feelings towards the main character turned full circle by the end of the book and I actually really liked her character and was only hoping for the best for her.

I enjoyed Claudia’s writing style which flowed so effortlessly I am looking forward to picking up some of the authors previous books after reading this one.

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  1. I loved her book "Will you still love me tomorrow?" which is £1.99 on kindle ATM!

    I've also read "Personally I blame my fairy godmother" which I have just seen is also £1.99 on kindle!!