Tuesday, 10 July 2012

Diva by Carrie Duffy

I remember all too well being approached last year to read a debut book by author Carrie Duffy and what a great debut book Idol was. I have eagerly been awaiting her new book Diva to come flying through my door as this author showed great promise in her previous book and I was looking forward to see how she has progressed in her new novel DIVA.

Three beautiful women who are all desperate to make a better life for themselves and need to get away from their childhood memories. Dionne is stunning, confident and is determined to be the next top model. Shy and reserved Alyson has had the toughest of upbringings and when things come to a head she decides it is time she takes her life into her own hands and follow her dream.

Both of the girls find their journey begins in Paris where they both end up moving in with a quirky clothing designer CeCe who is trying to make it in the fashion world if only someone would give her a break. It soon becomes clear that there will be many hurdles to overcome to make it to the top of their careers which will put each of the girls to the test and show what some people will do to get to the top.

I found this book impossible to put down. The author creates three very different characters with Alyson being my favourite as she was a very delicate and innocent character. Dionne was a very hard character to take too the title clearly represents Dionne as Diva is the perfect word to describe her. She is a very jealous and determined character and yet although there was a lot I didn’t like about her personality there was something about her that I just knew I would warm to in the end. Although CeCe feature a lot in this book she does seem to take a back seat compared to the other two women but she still brought her own little something to the book.

The romance in the book was predictable but it was great to watch it develop. If you love a book with the glitz and glamour and a heap load of fashion this book is definitely one for you. Carrie Duffy has brought us yet another fantastic book and in my opinion this has knocked Idol off the top as the authors writing style seemed to flow alot easier in this book there were no low parts to the book that had you feeling like you wanted to skim through.

A thoroughly entertaining and fashionable read by Carrie Duffy.

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