Monday, 23 July 2012

Playing On Cotton Clouds by Michela O'brien

Playing on Cotton Clouds has been sitting on my top be read list for a while now because my kindle died but thanks to the lovely Amazon they have replaced my poor old kindle with a nice shiny new one allowing me to catch up with some of my e-book reviews.

When arty Livy falls for her sister’s boyfriend, she knows her dreams are unlikely to come true… Sensitive Seth thinks he has hit the jackpot when the girl of his dreams finally looks his way… While laidback Aidan is every girl’s hero. 

Fast forward twenty-five years as carefree youth turns into adulthood responsibilities, relationships begin and end, music and fashion change, and life moves on with its successes, failures and heartaches. As the friends grow up, they discover life rarely turns out the way you imagined it at fifteen. The rites of passage through years are eerily familiar to every 1980s teenager in this moving, heartfelt novel. 

I loved the structure of this book it is not often that I read a book and find myself following a character through decades of their lives but this is what we see in this book but not with only one character but with a group of characters.
Because of the way this book is set out the characters are developed really well as we get to know them through the different stages of their lives.

The book flows at a very slow pace with the storyline unfolding gradually revealing some surprising tribulations which keep the readers interested, had it not been for this I would have been a little worried as the pace of the book was a slight problem for me.

Livy was by far my favourite character in this book she brought a little light to the darkness surrounding Seth’s character. I loved the shocking revelation involving Aiden, I really didn’t see this coming and this is what I always love in a book is when something creeps up on me that is so unpredictable.

For any Lisa Jewell or Joanna Lambert fans this author is going to be a new one to add to your list. I will be looking out for future books by this author.


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