Wednesday, 1 August 2012

Second Time Around by Erin Kaye

Divorcee Jennifer Irwin has it all – a successful interior design business and two loving children. But as her 45th birthday approaches and her children prepare to start their own lives, Jennifer is left feeling lonely in her empty nest. That’s when she meets Ben Crawford – a man 16 years her junior – as their attraction heightens, Jennifer realises what she’s been missing. But mindful that the small-town Ballyfergus residents would never approve, they conduct their affair in secret.

But a secret is never a secret for long… As the affair surfaces, Jennifer encounters opposition from friends and family, especially her daughter Lucy. Enraged by her mother’s relationship, Lucy seeks comfort in the arms of charismatic but troubled, Oren. 

Jennifer knows that Oren is not the man he seems, but can she convince her daughter of that? And with everything going against them, can Jennifer and Ben’s love survive? Or will she risk losing her daughter to be with the man she loves? 

Erin Kaye is an author I had not come across before, I loved the sound of the synopsis as it is a situation I am sure alot of people find themselves in when they have had a previous relationship which has ended and having the uncertainty of how the children will feel about a new relationship looming.

Jennifer who is our lead character is a loveable character and it is clear although her children are now grown up they are still the centre of her world and her emotions shown well in this book where she is torn between following her head or her heart as she really cannot bear the thought of disappointing her children but she has clearly fallen for Ben who although is younger in age comes across as a very mature character but |I think this is because of the characters background story.

This book flowed at a perfect pace and had me hooked from the first chapter the only time I was a little hesitant was when the religious aspect was brought into the storyline as I know we all have our own beliefs but I personally do not to read about religion but I needn’t have worried as this didn’t distract me from the storyline and it also had its own little twist!

The book was slightly predictable but it was great to see the journey the author created to get us to the predictable outcome. I will look for future books by this author as this was a great book and at a fantastic price on Kindle at the moment.

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  1. I also read this book, and I absolutely loved it. Erin Kaye is one of my favourite authors.