Thursday, 22 November 2012

Vets in Love by Cathy Woodman

I absolutely adore Cathy Woodman’s books and I still feel she doesn’t get the recognition she deserves.

Cathy has taken this book down a slightly different path this time with our main character Nikki being a GP rather than a vet which is what I think is what has brought the spark back from the first two books as I think Cathy had done all she can with vets as lead characters in Talyton st George, so having Nikki has brought a breath of fresh air to this book. Nikki is a down to earth, loveable character who loves to ride her horse Willow and takes part in horse events.

As love looks like it could be blossoming between Nikki and the handsome local vet Matt, problems begin to develop and Matt soon gives Nikki an ultimatum Him or riding, stuck between a rock and hard place what discussion will Nikki make?

We see a number of characters from the previous books return to make an appearance in this book which gave the book a cosy and familiar feeling but having said this they do not have important roles so you can easily read this book as a standalone book.

What I love about Cathy’s writing is it flows so effortlessly and at an even keel enveloping you into the storyline straight from the first chapter and carries you right the way through to a perfect ending without feeling rushed and also with no low points in the book which would make you want to skim through the pages when you lose interest.

These books are great for readers who love believable romance and stories set in cosy little villages, oh and a love of animals help but is not essential!

I highly recommend this book although not one to get you in the festive mood as the topic of Christmas is only briefly touched upon, this would still make a perfect Christmas gift.

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