Sunday, 27 January 2013

The Valentines Card by Juliet Ashton

The Valentine's card was meant to be Orla's fairy tale ending, but really, it was only the beginning . . . Orla adores her actor boyfriend, Sim, who's away filming a sumptuous costume drama. Although the long-distance relationship means that she can eat toast for dinner and watch as much reality TV as she likes, she misses him like crazy. But Valentine's Day changes everything . . . The same morning Orla learns that Sim has died, she receives a card from him. As Orla travels from Ireland to London, to live and breathe Sim's final moments, can she bring herself to open the Valentine's card and read his final message?

Being a hopeless romantic, it didn’t take long for me to pick up The Valentine’s Card hoping to lose myself in the storyline.

This book will definitely pull at your heart strings as we watch Orla coming to terms with the death of her partner Sim. The book gets off to a quick start just as Orla gets the news about Sim so it is easy to say you are sympathetic to Orla’s character from the start. I loved the suspense around the Valentines card wondering what was actually going to be written inside and I did wonder if we were ever going to actually find out what was written but it is this that kept me hooked I just had to know what was inside!

I loved the dramatic storyline at the beginning of the book and I was sure this was going to be a fantastic read but I did find the book plummeted a little for me through the middle part of the book when Orla begins to make a life for herself in London. My interest in the book started to slip and I found myself constantly picking up and putting down the book. A few reviewers had messaged me and said they gave up on the book but there was part of me that still felt that a book that started off so good surely had more to give so I kept with it.

I loved the Sim's diary entries which were put in here and there alongside Orla's story we begin to get an idea f the real Sim compared to Orla's view of him.

It did take a while for the book to grip me again but I am glad I did see the book through to the end. There were twists towards the later part of the book which I was very shocked about and this brought the book back up to speed again.  

I would recommend this book as a great Valentine read I would have given it a four star review but I feel because of the part where the book plummeted it is more a 3 and a half star rating.

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