Monday, 18 February 2013

Amy & Zach by Sarah Louise Smith

Meet Amy & Zach Flying home to the UK from the US for her sister Libby’s wedding, Amy has some major issues with her homecoming. 

She is furious with Zach, who should have been travelling with her, but after he dropped a bombshell the day before she left, she hid his passport and flew alone.

Now, can she act normal when she meets Libby’s fiance Tim?

After he finds his passport, Zach heads for the UK to surprise Amy. He wants to apologise to her and finally meet her family. He has kept his secret for way too long and knows he has a lot of explaining to do. So, how did Amy and Zach get to this point? What is Zach hiding anyway? And what's going on between Amy and Tim? How well do Amy and Zach really know each other?

I have to say although the cover of this book isn't one that would draw my attention the synopsis is the opposite and really sparked an interest into what the bomb shell is that this Zach could have dropped!

This book follows the romance from the beginning of Amy and Zach. Amy has moved to Boston from the Uk to have a fresh start but is she looking for something or someone in particular?

The story is told alternately from each of the characters points of view so we really get to know the characters individually. The romance goes through all the typical stages of a new romance and it was lovely to watch the romance blossom. The storyline covers more than romance though, we also see the effects hidden secrets can have between family, friends and loved ones.

I loved the air of secrecy surrounding Zach I was pretty sure I knew what his secret would be and although I was right it was till a shock when all is revealed and in the way it was revealed.

I warmed to Amy as the family issues she has I can in a way relate to. Zach is the perfect prince charming for her to make her feel special and to feel as though she is loved and the center of someone’s universe.
I think this is a great debut by Sarah Louise Smith. This is an easy read that you will fly through in a day.

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  1. Ooh this sounds like my kind of read, fab review! I really want to know what Zach's big secret it - I will add it to my wish list :)