Tuesday, 12 February 2013

The Honey Queen by Cathy Kelly

To discover the sweetest things in life, you sometimes have to lose your way…

It’s easy to fall in love with the beautiful town of Redstone – the locals wave and chat to each other, the shops and cafes are full of cheerful hustle and bustle. And amidst all this activity, two women believe they are getting on just fine. Francesca’s boundless energy help her to take everything in her stride, including a husband who has lost his job and the unwelcome arrival of the menopause, which has kicked in – full throttle. Peggy, on the other hand, has always been a restless spirit. But now, focused and approaching thirty, she has opened her own knitting shop on the town’s high street. It’s a dream come true, but she still feels adrift.

When Australian-raised Lillie finally makes it back home to Ireland, she is drawn right into the heart of Redstone’s busy, close-knit community. But what she thought would be an ending is actually just a beginning – all is not quite as it seems in the picturesque town. Soon, Lillie’s hard-earned wisdom will be called into play as she helps new friends navigate unchartered territory…

The Honey Queen is my first book by Cathy Kelly. The cover is so delicate and fresh looking it is a perfect cover to compliment a beautiful book.

There are many different characters in this book each who have their own story-line to bring to this fantastic book. Although the story-lines are separate they all run alongside each other smoothly and you see each of the characters weave in and out of each others story-line. I was a little worried when the book began because you would just get into the flow of one set of characters and fall into their story-line , then all of a sudden it would change to a new character so I did wonder if I would begin to lose track of who was who but luckily as we get to know each character they were all easily recognizable. There wasn't a single story-line I didn't enjoy but my favourite was between Lillie, Seth and Frankie. It was great to see them bring life back to the garden of Sorrento Villa as well as seeing the relationships between the characters grow.

There are so many lovable characters in this book. There were also some tough emotional scenarios in a couple of the story-lines which the author writes about in a very emotional and delicate way. Although there is a lot going on in this book the story is written in such a beautiful pace that you really relax into the storyline easily making this a surprisingly quick read. My only complaint is this book is so heavy it hurts when it falls on your face when you fall asleep so may be a better idea to get on kindle to prevent injury!

This was a beautiful book which I enjoyed from beginning to middle to end. I will be hunting out more books by Cathy Kelly.

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