Tuesday, 19 March 2013

A Cottage by the Sea by Carole Matthews

Grace has been best friends with Ella and Flick forever. The late-night chats, shared heartaches and good times have created a bond that has stood the test of time.

When Ella invites them to stay for a week in her cottage in South Wales, Grace jumps at the chance to see her old friends. She also hopes that the change of scenery will help her reconnect with her distant husband. 

Then Flick arrives; loveable, bubbly, incorrigible Flick, accompanied by the handsome and charming Noah. This is going to be one week which will change all their lives forever...

I decided to settle down and make a start on Carole Matthews new book A Cottage by the Sea last night, I only expected to make a start not completely finish it but that is exactly what happened!

There is something about this authors writing style that is so comforting and I seem to visibly relax when I settle into her books and reading this book was no different. A Cottage by The Sea has a lovely group of friends and their partners who are all taking some time out from their day to day lives and holidaying together in the middle of nowhere. Some are more happy about the location than others as with the cottage being so remote there is no phone signal and no local shops or pubs! Grace, Eve and Flick have all been friends since uni so this is a great time for them to all catch up but they all seem to be having problems in their love lives, will this break get the relationships running smoothly.

The scene is set beautifully thanks to the authors descriptive writing style, you can picture the beautiful surroundings and you cant help but feel as though you are there living the story with the characters. The relationship between the three girls feels very genuine even though they all have very different characteristics. Grace is our main character and she is a very natural and loving character I loved her through the whole of the book other than in one chapter where I wanted to wring her neck but then she makes up for it a little with a golf club!

I think everyone who reads this book is going to fall in love with Noah as men like him are few and far between. You can feel  the chemistry between Noah and Grace flowing through the pages but I do love that Grace wasn’t predictable in her actions and she went up a step higher in my expectations. We are led all the way through the book thinking will they wont they it was unpredictable.

This story is full of friendship, love, heartbreak and secrets which is why it is such a captivating read. I loved this book it has got me ready for Summer ( can some just let the weather man know!) 

A Cottage by the Sea is available now on kindle and is released on 28th March in paperback

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  1. Hi, just came across your blog when looking for this book to buy. I look forward to reading more of your reviews!