Friday, 8 March 2013

A French Affair by Katie Fforde

Gina and Sally Makepiece have inherited a stall in the French House - an antiques centre nestled in the heart of the English countryside. Gina is determined to drag the French House and its grumpy owner into the twenty-first century. 
Bearing all the attributes of a modern-day Mr Rochester, Matthew Ballinger is less than happy with the whirlwind that has arrived on his doorstep. 
The last thing either of them want is to fall in love. But will a trip to France change their minds?

Katie Fforde has always been a favourite author of mine. Her books are like comfort food to me! I always find that the author creates lovable characters and she sets such a cosy scene so you can see why I look forward to her new book each year.

The synopsis of this book gives very little away and yet tells you enough to spark your interest. With the story line mainly surrounding three characters it was quite easy to follow the characters without being bombarded with so many extra characters. Sisters Sally and Gina have inherited a stall in the glorious French House selling antiques which is a far cry from the girls usual jobs! With the help of owner Matthew they hope to bring in a good profit but the last think Gina expected to find was a romance blossoming!

I enjoyed the story line of this book, the antique dealing is something I have only read about once before in a fiction book and funny enough that was another one of Katie’s books called Bidding for Love which I recommend as I loved that book! I think this author must have a passion for antiques to have had this as the subject matter in two of her books.

This is the first book by Katie Fforde that I have read where I didn't fall in love with the characters from the first chapter. I found Matthew a very uptight, cold character and Gina was a little to plain and had no spark to her but luckily as the book moved along I began to warm to Gina’s character as her personality and her passion began to shine unfortunately I still didn't warm to Matthew, I much preferred his overly large dog and his quirky old friend Nicholas!

The authors descriptive writing is still setting a perfect scene in this book you could picture the French House in your mind. There is also a nice dose of complicated romance to keep you interested in the story line.

I always rush out to by Katie Fforde’s new books she is one of my top ten authors and although I did enjoy this book it did seem to lack depth to the story line and characters for the first time. This book is still enjoyable and well worth reading but it is not one of my favourites. 

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