Saturday, 30 March 2013

Husband Missing by Polly Williams

Gina has only been married six months when her husband Rex goes on holiday to Spain and vanishes without a trace, tipping her dream new marriage into nightmare. As a frantic search gets nowhere, Gina is adamant that he's alive and vows never to give up hope. Speculation is rife: he's drowned at sea, lost his memory...or just walked away. 

Troubling stories start to emerge about Rex's past that are hard to square with the man she married. How well does she really know her handsome, charismatic husband? They'd fallen in love so quickly, so passionately, that the past had seemed barely relevant to either of them. Now an explosive secret threatens to rewrite the story of their love affair. As the mystery of Rex's whereabouts deepens, Gina begins to wonder whether you only ever truly know the person you love once they've gone.

I was a little reluctant to start Husband Missing by Polly Williams as I have recently lost my Nan who is my world and so have been trying to read “happy” books but the cover of this book keeps calling out to me it is hard to miss the sunset colours so I caved in. The synopsis does a fantastic job at sparking your interest without giving to much away.

Gina’s life is turned upside down when she gets a phone call from her brother in-law to say that Gina’s husband Rex has gone missing on their lad’s holiday. After months of searching everyone begins to accept that Rex has died but Gina still believes that Rex is still alive and she clings on to this hope. As the search carries on Gina then unearths secrets from his past which leave her questioning if she really knows her husband at all.

This was a very moving read but not a tear jerker so no need to reach for the tissues. The book begins right at the point when Rex has gone missing so we never get a chance to meet or hear from Rex first hand which is a bit of a shame as I think it may have answered a few questions but then the way in which the book was written was all from Gina’s voice she was talking to us as though she was talking to Rex which is an unusual style and did take a while to get used to but I soon found myself comfortable in the style of the book. You develop a strong bond with Gina and I think this is because of the way in which the book was written because we get to hear first hand the thoughts and feelings through  the whole situation. There are also a couple of chapters that are told from Mandy who was another lovely character.

The book was both predictable and unpredictable.  Right up until the last chapter I couldn't predict what was going to happen whether Rex was would be found or not or indeed whether he was alive or dead. The situation surrounding Jake was predictable but I enjoyed this part most out of the book, it does help that Jake is such a caring gentle character. With the subject of the book being a very moving topic it was a lovely touch to have Gina’s best friends  Lucy and Femi who are great characters whole bring a little light to the book and support to Gina.

This was a thought provoking read that kept me hooked throughout the whole book. Another great read from Polly Williams.

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