Thursday, 25 April 2013

Country Loving by Cathy Woodman

From city accountant to lady farmer. Successful accountant Stevie receives two surprises in one week: a proposal of marriage from her boyfriend Nick and a phone call begging her to return to the family farm in Talyton St George to help out after her father has a stroke. But what she thought would be a long weekend in the country turns into much longer as she struggles to bring order to her father's rundown farm.

Finally, she decides to give up her job - and her fiance - and take on the farm permanently. Returning to Talyton St George reminds Stevie of how much she loves the country, and she enjoys the challenge of looking after the cows, especially as this brings her into close contact with local vet Leo. Until a life-changing complication throws all her plans into disarray, and destroys her growing romance with Leo...

I have read all of Cathy Woodmans Talyton St George books and I have loved each and every one of them. I can never understand how this author’s books are never shouted about because I cannot find fault with her books.
Country Loving brings us another new character to the village of Talyton St George this time in the form of City accountant Stevie. She has returned to her dad’s farm after an SOS call from Cecil who helps on the farm. The family farm is falling through her dad’s fingers and he isn’t helping the matter. Stevie has to make a choice if to stay and get the farm back into order or if to return to her life in the city.

We see all of our favourite characters from the previous books make an appearance in this book especially busy body Fifi and the lovely Jennie from the authors last book The Sweetest Thing so we already feel as though we are on familiar territory and this gives the book a cosy and familiar feel. Stevie is a fabulous character and take us by surprise when we first meet her she is very groomed and living the life in the city with a posh car, career and a nice bit of cash coming in so the last thing I expected was for her to consider mucking in at the farm! Stevie is very down to earth and makes mistake like any of us would but she also has a big heart and this is what I love about her.

For those of you who have read all of the previous books you will know that Vets are a big part of these series of books and whilst our main character is not a vet this time we still have a big presence of vets in this book. The author always manages to set the scene perfectly, her descriptive writing really makes you visualise the setting as though you are there. I also like the little map at the start of the book so you can see the layout of the village this is a lovely touch.

This book is a perfect Sunday read with its country feel. I think this definitely has to be up there with my favourites by this author it was nice to have another book in the village but with a main character that played a different role. I loved this book from start to finish and would read it again. If you are looking for an easy and effortless read that will put a smile on your face and give you a warm fuzzy (or should I say furry)feeling this is the one for you.

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  1. Fab review and ooh this sounds great :) I love Cathy Woodman's books, thank you for sharing your thoughts!