Friday, 5 April 2013

The Edge of Never by J A Redmerski

Twenty-year-old Camryn has always felt different from everyone else around her – not content to be tied down by life's conventions, she’s always known that she wants a life less ordinary. But when tragedy forces her to abandon her plans, she vows never to let her walls down again – and never to fall in love.

But one night in the hottest club in town, her world is turned upside down. Desperate to escape, Camryn packs up the bare necessities and boards the next Greyhound bus leaving town, to find the true self she knows is out there. What she finds instead is a young man who is more like her than she knows. Andrew Parrish needs to find himself too, and harbours his own dark secrets…

Zig-zagging across the country together, Camryn finds herself doing things she never imagined, as Andrew shows her what it’s like to live by your own rules and what it feels like to give in to her deepest, darkest desires. Before she knows it, he’s become the centre of her world. But as the electric love and lust between them intensifies, a dark shadow is looming. Will Andrew’s secret push them together – or tear them apart?

I could not put The Edge of Never down. This is one of the best books I have read this year and I am sure this book will be one that is talked about as much as Twilight/Fifty Shades was!

The story is told alternately from both of our main characters perspective so we really get to connect with both the characters, it’s not long before the characters came alive and began to feel so real. Camryn is only 20 years old but she has experienced things most people her age should never have to deal with. She reaches a point where she just has to get away and find herself rather than living the way friends and family believe she should be living, the last thing she was looking for on her adventure was Andrew!

Andrew is a gorgeous masculine character who to me felt very mysterious. It was quite clear he had something to hide but his mysteriousness only made me more drawn to his character. I had many idea’s flowing through my mind as to what lies behind this character but not one was even close.

The story started at a slow pace and seemed pleasant enough but I couldn’t see why this book was getting a constant stream of 5* reviews, that was until 50% through then everything changed, the pace picked up and I couldn’t put the book down as there didn’t seem like a safe place!

I don’t remember having read a book that will bring out so many different emotions. One minute your heartbroken with a lump in your throat, next your smiling or blushing at certain events and at least once in this book you are just in complete and utter shock.

I really do hope there are no reviewers out there who will give any details of the shocking twist because to me this is the best part of the book and mainly because you are so unprepared for it.

There are a few detailed steamy chapters in this book but there is a jolly good storyline involved so it isn’t all sex,sex,sex.

This is a heart-breaking, compelling, modern, saucy read that has something for everyone so definitely one to try. 

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