Monday, 22 April 2013

The Sea Sisters by Lucy Clarke

Two sisters, one life-changing journey… There are some currents in the relationship between sisters that run so dark and so deep, it’s better for the people swimming on the surface never to know what’s beneath . . . Katie’s carefully structured world is shattered by the news that her headstrong younger sister, Mia, has been found dead in Bali – and the police claim it was suicide. With only the entries of Mia’s travel journal as her guide, Katie retraces the last few months of her sister’s life, and – page by page, country by country – begins to uncover the mystery surrounding her death. What she discovers changes everything. But will her search for the truth push their sisterly bond – and Katie – to breaking point? The Sea Sisters is a compelling story of the enduring connection between sisters.

The synopsis to The Sea Sisters did an excellent job at sparking my interest, before I even started to read this book I was intrigued by this storyline. The story follows two sisters, Katie and Mia who have a very troubled relationship. After the loss of their mum Katie has taken the role of protector but this is not something Mia is thankful for she feels inadequate compared to her sister. Much to Katie’s surprise Mia returns from work one day and declares out of the blue she is going travelling with best friend Finn. It is during Mia’s travels that Katie is woken to a rap on the door only to find the police at her door with some very unwelcome news Mia has been found dead at the bottom of a cliff in Bali. Katie is heartbroken but she has many questions she needs answering and there is only one way to find the answers and so she embarks on her journey.

The story is written in alternate narrative which allows us to follow both of the girls journey and to get to know each of the characters separately. I really enjoyed both of the girls journeys but with me being a younger sister I felt like I sympathised more with Mia. Some of the things Mia tells us especially the relationship between her sister and her mum I could relate to.

We follow Katie as she retraces her sisters steps through Mia’s journal so we see her begin to unravel some truths, many of which are a shock to Katie as well as us the reader. It was great to hear  from Mia as her emotions are portrayed through her actions and it soon becomes clear that she is a flawed character and feels that she is living in her sisters shadow, she doesn’t feel as if she belongs. The relationship between the two sisters have very realistic characteristics such as jealousy, competition and the love/hate relationship.

The authors writing was very descriptive and managed to set the scene perfectly, I assume the author is very well traveled as this shows in her writing. The suspense that she creates was perfect it managed to keep my interest meaning I devoured the book in no time at all. I was so hooked I found it an inconvenience when my clients were turning up early, did they not know I had an important mystery to solve! I found the book to be unpredictable which is something I love in a book. The book has an air of mystery to it and is also a very touching and unpredictable read.

This is definitely one to read if you are looking for a compelling mystery. The Sea Sisters is due for release on the 9th of May and is definitely one not to be missed.

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