Friday, 24 May 2013

Vivien's Heavenly Ice Cream Shop by Abby Clements

When Imogen and Anna unexpectedly inherit their grandmother Vivien's ice cream parlour, it turns both their lives upside-down. The Brighton shop is a seafront institution, but while it's big on charm it's critically low on customers. If the sisters don't turn things around quickly, their grandmother's legacy will disappear forever.

With summer looming, Imogen and Anna devise a plan to return Vivien's to its former glory. Rather than sell up, they will train up, and make the parlour the newest destination on the South Coast foodie map. While Imogen watches the shop, her sister flies to Italy to attend a gourmet ice cream-making course. But as she works shoulder-to-shoulder with some of the best chefs in the industry, Anna finds that romance can bloom in the most unexpected of places...

As soon as I heard the title of the new Abby Clements new book I knew this was going to be my kind of read. I love books that take place in shops such as Meet Me at the Cupcake CafĂ© and Rosie Hopkins Sweetshop of Dreams so I was sure this was going to be a similar kind of read. If the delicious title isn’t enough t in you over then just look at the cover it is stunning and is easily my favourite cover of the year, I am sure it will be impossible for any chick lit fans to walk past this book in the shop!

The last thing sisters Anna and Imogen expected at the reading of their grandma Vivian’s will was to be left her ice cream shop. Anna has just moved into her first hme which she has saved hard for for years and worked herself to the bone. Imogen is living her dream taking underwater pictures abroad, so running the run down family business was not on the girls to do list. Will the girls be able to forfill their grandma’s wishes or will their original dreams stand in the way?

This was a delightful, feel good read. It was everything I was hoping for and more. The characters were wonderfully well written. I loved both our main characters, Imogen was an exciting character, a real dreamer who like an adventure which is completely different to her older sister Anna who felt like a more grounded and homily character but who is also very ambitious so as you can imagine both girls brought something a little different to the book.

I loved how the storyline centered around the ice cream shop the whole way through, it was great to  see the highs and the lows in getting the shop back up and running again. The story goes more in-depth in the running and the start up of the shop than I have found with other similar books and this was something I really enjoyed.

The authors descriptive writing shines in this book and the author has clearly done some great research in Italy too. The book was unpredictable and the ending was tied up perfectly too both of which are always a big thumbs up from me.

If you are looking for a light, entertaining, easy read for your holidays this book will be a perfect choice for you. Pure Perfection.

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  1. The cover is just gorgeous! I think ill add this to the pile :)

    1. Yay glad you agree :-) pop back and let me know what you think of it :-) x

  2. I read this book a while ago and just found your review. Great review and lovely blog :D