Friday, 28 June 2013

Sizzling Summer with Allie Spencer

Last week I reviewed Save the Date! by Allie Spencer. I have loved all of the books by this author and I love to keep up with her on Twitter and Facebook to see what treat she has in store for us in her next book. One thing that always comes to mind as soon as Allie Spencer is mentioned is glorious locations, as each of her books are set in a different tantalising country, I have always wondered what Allie Spencers holidays are like compared to her characters. I have Allie Spencer on the blog today to answer some Sizzling Summer Quick Fire Questions.


Pool or Sea? Sea

Relax or Explore? Explore, preferably somewhere with a lot of history 

Favourite Holiday Drink? Margaritas - yum

Favourite Holiday Destination? Would love to go to Venice - not managed it yet! 

City Break or Beach Break? Can I have a city next to the beach(!)

Kindle or Paperback? Paperback 

All Inclusive or Self Catering? Self Catering - more chance to try the local restaurants

Romantic break or girly break? Romantic!

Don't forget to grab your copy of Save The Date! to take away with you this Summer.


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  1. I love Allie's books, too and can't wait to read this one. Hope it does fabulously Allie. And margaritas? Double yum. With salt