Monday, 8 July 2013

Midsummer Magic by Julia Williams

The course of true love never did run smooth! Josie is taking planning her wedding a little too seriously. Harry, her fiance, is starting to feel left-out and overwhelmed… Josie decides a trip to her beautiful family home in Cornwall will be just the thing to get him in the mood, and Harry reluctantly agrees. It’s going to be the first perfect opportunity for chief bridesmaid Diane and best man Ant to meet, too. But they’ve hardly been in the car five minutes before they’ve declared all out war on one another. As friendships are tested to the limit, Ant tries to lighten the mood. He suggests the four agree to a dare put forward by Freddie Puck, a famous TV hypnotist. On Midsummer’s Eve they must go to the spooky standing stones on the cliff and agree to be hypnotised. Local mythology says that true love and lasting happiness belong to those who plight their troth at midnight on Midsummer’s Eve at the standing stones. But as night falls and Freddie Puck begins to play his mind games Josie, Harry, Diane and Ant discover much more about themselves, those they care about and their destinies than anyone could have imagined …

I have previously read two books by Julia Williams and have loved them both so I was looking forward to reading her new release Midsummer Magic.

Midsummer Magic follows the story of Josie, her fiancĂ© Harry and their best friends Ant and Di. They are all taking a trip to Cornwall to Josie’s parents house to start some wedding planning but things soon go from bad to worse when they agree to be hypnotised.

This book has a completely different feel to the previous books I have read by this author. It took a long time for the book to pick up pace but the characters were what kept me reading as I did find them down to earth and humorous, I was more interested in what was to become of Ant and Di rather than Josie and Harry!

I have always had an interest in hypnotherapy after I was hypnotised 8 years ago so when storyline began to involve the hypnosis I began to enjoy the book more, but unfortunately I do feel that the hypnosis went on for too long and I very nearly put the book down. The hypnosis was funny at the beginning and I did have a little chuckle when Di started running around after Josie but it soon felt like the hypnosis was being dragged out and I was just hoping the storyline would move in a different direction.

I am glad I persevered with this book and I would say it is still worth a read but this is not a favourite of mine from this author, but I will still definitely be picking up her next release. At the time of this review the kindle copy is only 99p so grab your copy.

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