Friday, 19 July 2013

The Elephant Girl by Henriette Gyland

The Elephant Girl by Henriette Gyland is not a book I would usually have picked up myself but when the synopsis was sent over to me I was more than a little intrigued so I decided to give it a try and before long I was immersed in the story line.

Five Year old Helen suffers from epilepsy, whilst sitting in her car seat one day she felt a seizure come on, when she came around after her seizure she could see her mum in the front seat and a woman standing there with blood on her hands and a knife.

Fast forward twenty years and Helen’s mums killer is released from prison and Helen wants revenge.

This book is a thriller but with a good splash of romance thrown in. The book has a gripping start and gets your mind racing about possible scenarios and wanting to find out  what really happened.

It is always one of those questions you always think about when you hear of a murder is what happens to the children so it was great to see what became of Helen after the murder. I did find that the book did begin to lose pace midway through the book and my attention began to waver a little but luckily the pace began to pick up again and then there were many twists and turns appearing so this made up for it.

All though I had an inkling as to what was going to be found out in this book I wasn’t sure so I loved this as it kept me on edge and wanting to carry on reading to find out if my thoughts were right. The characters were developed well and there was a lot of mystery surrounding a few of them too.

This is a great book if you are looking for something that is unpredictable with a great mix of characters.

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  1. Excellent review, Thank You. I have this on my kindle and near the top of my reading pile :-)