Thursday, 4 July 2013

The Son In-Law by Charity Norman

I read my first Charity Norman book last year after reading other bloggers reviews on her work describing her as the next Jodi Picoult, I still remember After The Fall and how intense the storyline was so I was looking forward to starting her new release The Son In-Law.

The day Hannah has been dreading has finally arrived, her son in-law Joseph is released from prison. After bringing up her grandchildren since the day Joseph killed her beloved daughter Zoe , and finally being able to let the children have as normal and stable life as possible this is now under threat as Joseph is making it clear he wants his children back.

As Joseph leaves the prison there is only one thing he wants, one thing he has left in life and that is his children and he is determined to get access to his children again.

With both Hannah and Joseph keen to get there way how will this affect the children?

This has got to be one of those few books that manage to pull you in straight from the intense first chapter. I was so shocked by the opening to this book it was by no means a slow start we were thrown straight into the storyline from the word go. The story switches between three of the characters points of view, Joseph, Hannah and Scarlet who is the eldest child. This is a great way to tell this story as we get to know how this dramatic storyline effects each of the characters and it allows us to get to know each character personally rather than through the view of other characters allowing us the reader to makeup our own mind about each character.

This is a fresh storyline that is not similar to any books that I have read before and so it was a joy to read. I vary rarely read a book that has made me really stop and think about things. This author’s books are so well written and they really make you realise how easy it is to be judgmental and I can hold my hands up and say just from the first few chapters I had already condemned Joseph. As the book progressed I was surprised to find myself warming to his character and I actually felt a little confused about my feelings towards him as a part of me felt that I should despise him but another part of me actually felt hopeful for him.

I loved that we also got to see how the children were feeling amongst all the drama and it was very emotional to see how it was affecting each of them and the way the author brings this across is really well done and believable. The ending to this book was beautiful and delicately done and finished of the book perfectly. Charity Norman really knows how to write books that are unpredictable and addictive.

This book is a compelling read that will have you hooked from the first page, questioning your own views and maybe even bringing a lump to your throat!

Another great read from Charity Norman.


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