Thursday, 1 August 2013

Me & You by Claudia Carroll

I’m fine. I’m sorry. Please take care of him for me. And maybe one day I’ll get to explain. Angie knows a lot about her best friend Kitty. She knows Kitty is mad and wild and loves to wear clashing colours. She knows she’s incredibly funny and generous but also very unreliable. And she knows that there is a perfect explanation for Kitty standing her up on her birthday. She thinks she knows everything about Kitty, except she doesn’t. Kitty knows that she is the happiest she has ever been. She knows she’s so lucky to have a lovely boyfriend, Simon and a best friend like Angie. But what she doesn’t know is that on this night, her past is finally going to catch up with her and change everything.

When Claudia Carroll's new book Me and You arrived though my letter box the first thing I though was I love the new look to the cover which is a softer look to the authors previous books.

When Angie is stood up at the spa for her birthday treat from best friend Kitty she knows something  is wrong, unable to make any contact with her friend she calls Kitty's boyfriend Simon together they work hours, days , weeks to try to find Kitty, when the police arrive with shocking news.

Kitty loves Simon and Angie but now her past is catching up with her she is worried the effect it will have on them.

When I read the synopsis of this book I was eager to make a start as I do love the sound of hidden secrets and puzzles to be solved. I have enjoyed all the authors previous books so I was looking forward to this book.

The beginning of this book really didn't grip me at all, in fact, I had to put the book down a couple of times but because I enjoyed the authors previous books I was determined to pick the book back up and carry on as I was hopeful that the book would improve, which by Part 2 in the book it had began to pick up when Kittys past begins to unravel. The characters were all lovable, ordinary characters which is something I always find in this authors books the characters are always a great bunch.

Angie's part in this book is set out in time entries similar to a diary entry which is the first time I had come across this type of writing style but it did seem to work well although the continual use of .v. for Very soon became a little irritating. If you are looking for a light easy read with lovable characters then you will like this book, I just misses the depth to the storyline that is usually present in this authors storylines. Although this is not a favourite of mine by Claudia Carroll I will still be picking up her next book.

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