Friday, 20 September 2013

Friday Fab Find

I am a huge fan of Alice Peterson and my favourite book so far this year is By My Side which is by this lovely author you can check out my review by clicking HERE.

I have read three books by this author and have loved each one so much that time and tome again I find myself recommending them. I have been eager to read more books by Alice and it seems today is a day that is going to make that happen! With my funds extremely low at the moment because of my up and coming Wedding that I am having to save for I was so glad to see that two books that I have not read before by Alice are at an amazing 98p ! I had to share these with you so I hope you enjoy them as much as I am hoping to.

A perfect little treat for the weekend :-)

Happy Weekend Reading Bookworms!!


  1. I've just ordered these two books as well - bargain!! I thought By My Side was amazing, a really good read : )

    1. snap Amanda :-) These are fab prices enjoy xxx