Saturday, 14 September 2013

Wicked Wives by Anna-Lou Weatherley

Playboy Casino owner and serial gambler, Tom Black, leaves a trail of broken hearts behind him wherever he goes. So when he disappears, it’s no surprise that foul-play is suspected. The finger of suspicion points to three women from his past; Eleanor, the beautiful socialite with a dubious past, Loretta, the fame-seeking gold-digger, and Victoria, the glamorous, bestselling author. Bound together by one man and his mayhem, it’s not long before secrets begin to surface, forcing the three women to take the biggest gamble of all. But in the game of love there can only be one winner – and the winner takes it all….

Wicked Wives is the first book I have read by Anna-Lou Weatherley and it sure will not be the last after what this book had to offer. It did take a little while to warm to this book as there are a wide variety of characters which took along time to get to know who was who, I was a little confused at the start of the book getting a few of the characters mixed up but it is definitely worth sticking with this book because it was a compelling read.

The story and the characters all center around one man, Tom Black who is a gorgeous man who seems to be a hit with the ladies but where Tom and ladies are, there is a trail of devastation left behind. I actually really liked his character although you could tell that he was a player you also got to see the softer caring side to him. There were many characters in this book who all have their own storylines running but that all connect to Tom. From reading the Prologue we find that Tom has been shot but we are left with a who did it scenario, and all the way through the book my mind kept chopping and changing as to who it was that had shot him.

This is far from an easy read this is a great indepth read that needs your full attention. It is full of glamour and scandal which made for pure escapism which was what I was hoping for with this book. After the initial confusion with the characters the author then really managed to develop the characters so well having four main female characters to write about is hard enough but they were all balanced well with their stories. I found Tess’s story really put me on edge and interested me the most. I loved Ellie she was my favourite female character, although her part was a little predictable she still was a fantastic character and it was nice to see how she managed to turn her life around.

I don’t often like to compare authors but I am going to on this occasion. If there are any Tasmina Perry fans out there then make sure you pick this book up because you will love it, it has the glitz, glamour and scandal that you find in her books and other than the slow start in getting o know the characters ( which I also find with Tasmina’s books) this book was faultless.

I thoroughly enjoyed this compelling and scandalous read.

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