Monday, 14 October 2013

There's More to Life Than Cupcakes Blog Tour

Today on the blog I am on the There's More to Life Than Cupcakes blog tour ekkkkkk !! So I would like to give a big welcome to the author, Poppy Dolan.

The best gifts to give a writer

Being a writer is weird, to my mind. You spend all this time alone, dreaming up characters and stories and madly typing thousands of words on your lonesome. And then the product of all that time on your tod is that you send a book out into the wide world, to the public. That’s the bit that sends a mild-mannered writer into the throws of bonkersness. What if this thing you created, safe and sound in your shed (which is where I write), gets slated or totally ignored or laughed at – and not at the bits where readers were supposed to laugh. It’s a stressful time and I’m guilty or bursting into tears because I can’t find a biro or flying into a strop because there are only cheese and onion crisps left.  So if you know an author going through a hair-pulling, teeth gnashing time and you want to cheer them up, here are my top five gifts for authors (HINT HINT, husband):

·         Chocolate. Obvious, but it’s obvious for a very good reason – chocolate can rescue the darkest days. I lean more towards Cadburys than Green & Black but, whatever the author prefers, make it a big bar – family sized -  and do not ask for a piece.

·         A lovely cushion or throw. To make all that endless sitting a little bit cosier, thank you.

·         Gorgeous stationery. Post it notes in crazy shapes, a rainbow of highlighters , a really pretty notepad (I love the ones from Paperchase at the moment that actually have embroidered fabric covers. Lush): anything that bit more colourful and fun from a BIC and the back of an envelope will really distract from writer’s block and put a smile on a weary writer’s face. I personally have more notepads than I will ever use but I still squee when I get a new one.

·         Not more books, thanks. It’s not just that you don’t have oodles of time to dip into the 7,000 pages of Game of Thrones, it’s that when you’re feeling dark and moody, you don’t really want it rubbed in your face how talented/successful/effortlessly brilliant other writers are. Not that I’d EVER be jealous or anything, ahem.

·         Seconds, minutes, hours… Writers need to write. OK, so I’m not reinventing the wheel here, but in order to physically get 90,000 words into your laptop (let alone edit them until you’re blue in the face) you need a lot of time and space. So maybe make them a cup of tea, give a little cheerleading chant and then back off for four hours. 

You can connect with Poppy Dolan by these links below:
Twitter: @PoppyDWriter

At midnight on the evening of Thursday 24th October (the tour's conclusion), Novelicious will be randomly selecting one person who has left a comment on any of the blog posts on the Poppy Dolan blog tour. That commenter will win a kit of baking and cake decorating supplies from BBC The Apprentice finalist Luisa Zissman’s The Baker Shop. Chock full of gorgeous edible shapes, sprinkles and even some sparkly edible glitter, each kit contains £50 worth of goodies. Good Luck!


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I am sure you will all want to get your hands on a copy of this gorgeous book so follow the link bellow to buy your copy.



  1. I'm looking forward to reading this, it sounds great :o)
    Great gift ideas for writers, too. I'd add, a reinforced back - mine starts to ache from being hunched over the laptop too long!

  2. I love your style Poppy Dolan. Makes me snicker and nod. A writer here, reading a writer on writing. Thanks, Rea, for hostessing this quirky chick who's gift ideas are spot on, especially the one to hubby about backing off.