Thursday, 5 June 2014

In The Summer Time Giveaway

I read my first book by Judy Astley last August and I thoroughly enjoyed it and it has been one that has stayed in my mind since.

In The Summer Time is released in paperback today and the publishers have kindly given me 3 copies to give away!

Please note that this is a UK only giveaway this time.

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My Review

In the Summertime is the first Judy Astley book I've read, although I have heard of this author before I have never picked one up but I do love to try new authors so I was looking forward to trying In The Summer Time. Our main character is Miranda who is a single mother, returning to her roots in Cornwall on holiday but this isn’t just a family holiday, it is also the place where they will be scattering her stepfathers Ashes. During her stay in Cornwall, her past creeps up on her when she reconnects with her friends and also her ex lover Steve. Could changes lay ahead for Miranda.

 I never knew until I mentioned to a client of mine that I was reading In The Summer Time that this is actually a sequel to Just for Summer, although this is a sequel I had no trouble what so ever reading this book and getting to know the characters so this can be read as a stand alone book, you don’t feel like you are missing something at any point during the book. I can only assume that we would have known more about an incident that happened to Miranda and also about the previous relationship that Miranda and Steve had.

The cover of this book gives a true summery feel and luckily the storyline is a very Summer friendly feel to. It is a very light, breezy read that you can easily pick up and put down making it an ideal holiday read. The author has a brilliant writing style especially in setting the perfect scene. She describes the setting so well that you feel as though you have visited the same places because they feel so life like. I loved how both the storyline and the characters were very realistic and I even liked the characters of Bo and Silva who are Miranda's children, which is a rarity for me as I do find younger characters are often not written very well but this wasn’t the case here.

I really enjoyed this book there was no big shocking twists or big dramas but I think that was what made this book work it was just a very gentle, warm enjoyable read and I will be sure to read another book by Judy Astley.

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