Friday, 18 July 2014

Cafe Tropicana by Belinda Jones

Latte-lover Ava Langston knows exactly what she wants: her very own café in a vintage arcade in Bath and a life free of complicated relationships. But her plans go awry when her long-distance dad phones insisting she hop on the next plane to Costa Rica to meet his brand new wife.
Ava has no intention of jetting to Latin America to acquire a step-mother - until, that is, her father offers her head honcho status at a beachfront café. The lure of frothing cappuccinos in a land where the coffee beans grow proves irresistible.
But she hasn't planned on Santiago, her sexy-yet-stubborn business rival, or rugged Ryan whose idea of romance is swinging through the rainforest canopy at 6am.
Both men have the heartbreaker gene, but could one prove to be her very own star-crossed lover?
There's only one way to find out...

A holiday is never complete for me unless I have a Belinda Jones book to keep me entertained, having already read the authors recent release I decided to pick up one of her older books Cafe Tropicana.

Ava Langston has dreamed of opening her own cafe and she has finally found the perfect site. She puts her life on hold for this cafe giving up her job putting all her time and effort into her dream.
Her dream is shattered when a higher bidder comes in for the site. She then receives a call from her dad who wants her to fly out to him in Costa Rica to meet his new wife. Ava is reluctant to go especially since her father never has much to do with her  but when he then offers her the chance to help him open a coffee shop there she is soon jetting off to start her adventure!

What a great beach read this was, it was so easy to visualise the gorgeous setting in this book thanks to the authors impeccable descriptive writing style. Even the preparations for the cafe were all described in such detail so I really felt like I was there watching everything coming together. There was a  lot of humor in this book too along with a nice splash of romance.

Ava was a down to earth, determined main character who I loved from the first chapter. The handsome Santiago oozed sex appeal through the pages, he was a true gentleman who I wouldn't mind spending my holiday with! Kiki and Ryan both set alarm bells ringing for me from the moment we were introduced to them so I was wary of these two characters all the way through.

As with all of Belinda Jones books it is clear the author has done a lot of research for this book not only on the location but also surrounding coffee beans and blends as well as the nature side too, for me the turtle nesting really showed this and it is now something I would like to experience.

Belinda Jones has delivered another perfect enjoyable and adventurous read that I will be recommending to friends.


  1. I can't wait to read this book, it sounds great!

    1. Are you a Belinda Fan? This is a fab book so I am sure you would enjoy x